Unembossed Credit Card Printing


Drop on Demand (DoD) and Durable Graphics Printing Modules for the MX Series Systems.

Realize Flat Card Potential with Cutting-Edge UV-Curable Technologies

  • Flat cards worthy of your brand
  • Card design flexibility
  • Innovative technology for all MX Series Systems

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Consumers love the look and feel of flat cards, and card marketers are moving to capitalize on the trend. The best source for your flat card solutions? The same partner you trust for all your card issuance solutions — Entrust Datacard. We offer a choice of flat card printing options so you can create highly-differentiated cards, separate from the crowd and engage more cardholders.

Case Study: Leading Direct Bank and Payments Services Company

Adds Durable Graphics Printing Modules and upgrades to Datacard® MX6100™ Card Issuance Systems, moving entire portfolio to unembossed flat cards. Cost reductions and yield production improvements are gained.


Untapped Card Creativity

Your cards are your brand. The design of your cards is an essential component of the brand experience you provide to your customers. You want stunning visual appeal and true differentiation. Flat card designs could be the key to optimizing the look of your cards and differentiating your brand in a crowded market.


Future-Proof Your Operation

How will the flat card craze evolve—what printing capabilities will be required moving forward? The answer is, anything goes. You have to be prepared for anything. This reinforces the value of having a modular choice of technologies that can be integrated precisely when you need them.


Extend the Value of Modularity

We've built a reputation for protecting our customer's investment through our commitment to modular design. You can invest in an Entrust Datacard card issuance system knowing that you can scale up to increase capacity or add features whenever you are ready. Our flat card printing capabilities continue this tradition of true modularity and investment protection.


Choice of Flat Card Technologies

Getting the most from your flat card designs begins with understanding your options. Entrust Datacard offers a variety of flat card printing options, including: durable graphics, drop on demand, full-card indent, laser engraving and traditional multi-step thermal printing/protective overlay applications. Each offers something distinct in terms of aesthetics and performance. It's important to explore these options with your operations team.

Durable Graphics Printing Module

Innovative, Sleek and Smooth Flat Card Design

Based on proven UV-curable printing technology, the Durable Graphics Printing Module for the Datacard® MX Series Systems offers non-traditional card designs to delight your cardholders. Simplify the transition from embossed to unembossed cards using black, white, metallic gold or metallic silver ribbons that remove the need for protective overlays.


Advanced Durable Graphics Printing for the MX Series Systems


Drop on Demand (DoD) Printing Module

Flat Cards that Get Noticed

Available on the Datacard® MX6100™, MX8100™ and MX9100 Card Issuance Systems, the DoD Printing Module applies liquid UV-curable ink to cards using highly efficient and reliable inkjet technology. Realize flat card potential with edge-to-edge, full-color, black and white durable printing to meet a wide variety of flat-card personalization needs.


Unique, Reliable Printing Solution for MX Series Systems


Untapped Card to Carrier Design Possibilities

Flat card technology is a great design tool. But it’s only one of many options we bring to card marketers. One sure way to elevate your designs and differentiate your brand is to leverage unique combinations of the technologies we offer. On-demand color printing capabilities, custom label printing and card affixing technologies help differentiate your brand and deliver your message on the card, label and carrier. Explore the available options with your operations team.


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