Entrust Datacard Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below govern the sale of Entrust Datacard products and services.  These terms and conditions may be supplemented and/or superseded by the individual agreements that appear beneath the product headings following the terms and conditions.  In addition the terms and conditions do not apply if Entrust Datacard has entered into a separate master or other supervening agreement with the customer.

General Terms and Conditions

  • North America Standard Sale T&Cs – November 2016 (English)

Datacard® Adaptive Issuance™ Suite (including Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Software); Datacard® CardWizard® Issuance Software; Datacard® TruCredential™ Suite Software; Equipment Controller Software

  • Software License Agreement General Click Through – November 2016 (English)
  • Software Maintenance Agreement – November 2016 (English)

Datacard® Secura™ Credential Lifecycle Management Software

  • Software License Agreement Secura Click-Through – September 2016 (English)

Card and Passport Issuance, Printing and Personalization Equipment; Card Insertion and Delivery Systems; Secure Capture Tower Equipment

  • Hardware On-Call Maintenance Service – November 2016 (English)
  • Hardware Depot Maintenance Service – November 2016 (English)

PKI and Authentication Products

  • General License – (English)
  • Maintenance and Support Plan – (English)
  • Hardware Support and Maintenance Plan –  (English)
  • Third party products are provided solely pursuant to the third party manufacturer’s standard terms and conditions accompanying such products

Managed Service Offering for PKI

  • Cloud Service Level Agreement – (English)

Certificate Services

Applicable Certification Practice Statements and Subscription/Service Agreements can be viewed at http://www.entrust.net/cps

Authentication Cloud Service

The applicable Terms of Service, Service Level Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy can be viewed at https://entrust.us.trustedauth.com/#/identity/user/useronboard/