Mobile Authentication

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Is Secure Access Getting in the Way of Productivity?

Legacy authentication methods are often insecure and they can cause frustration and friction for your users. As old security parameters evolve with the move to mobile and cloud, you’ll need a solution that’s not only more secure, but also one that exceeds user expectations with instant access to applications and data.



Why Use Mobile to Authenticate?

Whether remote employees are logging in to your VPN, signing in to their windows workstation or using their own device as their new computing platform, mobile authentication provides seamless and secure access, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile as the Authenticator

Our trusted identity solutions help reduce the friction, frustration and multiple factors associated with user authentication. Using mobile as your authenticator allows you to provide a secure, transparent user experience, as well as enabling you to offer new services to your customers.


Mobile Push Authentication

With a simple swipe or push, you can provide users with convenient, transparent authentication to access and approve multiple types of transactions with just one identity.

  • Remote Access
  • Single Sign-On to SaaS and Enterprise Applications
  • Transaction Verification
  • Mobile and Online Banking Access
  • Card Issuance and Account Change Verification


Mobile Smart Credentials

Backed by Entrust Datacard PKI certificates, a mobile smart credential allows you to employ a strong security solution that won't slow down your business. Embed a trusted identity onto your users' mobile devices to create a virtual smartcard that takes mobile authentication to the next level. You can even manage multiple smartcards on one device.

  • Bluetooth Workstation Access
  • Auto Detect for Auto Login/Logout
  • Windows Login with Offline Availability
  • Cardless ATM
  • Single Sign-On

Mobile Security Solutions

Securing Mobile Identities, Devices & Transactions

“Secured mobile devices are effective, popular and may be leveraged as a virtual employee identity to securely access computers, applications, cloud services and even physical doors. In high-risk situations, mobile may be leveraged to provide identity-assured transactions that effectively defeat malware-based attacks.”

Mobile is the New Computing Platform

As more employees work remotely and in the field, mobile devices are rapidly becoming the new desktop. Your employees leverage mobile devices to better serve your customers, drive revenue and optimize productivity. We can help you securely and efficiently enable this new way of working.

Trusted Identity Embedded on a Mobile Device

By utilizing our mobile smart credential technology, you can ensure secure access to a range of mobile-enabled services including VPN access, web application access, encrypted email and digital form signing.

  1. User accesses a secure mobile device
  2. User selects application or URL
  3. Username credentials will auto-populate
  4. User authenticates with frictionless push notification, using TouchID, Simple PIN or facial recognition
  5. User confirms session with a click/swipe

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Integrations

Our solutions integrate with today's leading Enterprise Mobility Management applications to provide a seamless, transparent experience for your users.

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Derived Credential Standards

Designed to meet stringent U.S. federal government regulations, our mobile solutions include security and business-enabled features to transform your work experience while ensuring compliance.

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Trusted Identities That Unlock the Power of Mobile

Mobile As The New Desktop

Additional Features and Benefits

Mobile Device Security:
Utilize Device Reputation

With our innovative device reputation solution you can check the integrity of your user’s device before you issue a trusted identity.

Customer Authentication:
Secure and Simplified with SDKs

Our easy-to-use software development kits (SDKs) help organizations transparently embed strong identities into your existing applications further simplifying both security and the user experience.

Self Service Module:
Reduce Help Desk Calls

We make it easy for end-users to manage many aspects of their accounts — device enrollment, obtaining certificates, provisioning and more — freeing administrator time without compromising the security of the network.

A Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Identity Solutions

Discover the Right Solution for Your Organization

Learn more about our Mobile Authentication solutions.

Technical Support

Support Your System

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Strong Authentication (7)

Intellitrust™ Authentication Service

The cloud authentication service built for the demands of your enterprise
    • Authenticators built for the enterprise
    • Infrastructure integrations
    • Single sign-on/federation
    • Adaptive authentication

IdentityGuard Two Factor Authentication

Entrust IdentityGuard™ two-factor authentication solution (2FA) ensures strong security for online and mobile transactions and protected access to website, building and more.

IdentityGuard Adaptive Authentication

Our risk-based adaptive authentication solution handles an array of inputs for strong decisions, including device fingerprint, device reputation and area behavior.

IdentityGuard Mobile

Entrust IdentityGuard™ mobile allows you to secure and enable your enterprise with a choice of one-time passcode and certificate-based applications.

IdentityGuard Virtual Appliance

With Entrust® IdentityGuard™ Virtual Appliance,a prepackaged application and operating system come fully configured and ready to run in a virtual environment.

TransactionGuard Fraud Detection Software

Entrust TransactionGuard works seamlessly with Entrust IdentityGuard to create layered security for diverse users and applications. Detect online fraud without invasive integration with existing online applications and step-up authentication controls only when dictated by elevated risk.

GetAccess Single Sign-On

Give your employees, customers and partners a single sign-on solution for accessing digital content, data and a variety of online services.