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Transforming the Digital Banking Experience with Trusted Identities

Acquiring and retaining digital banking consumers in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace requires a consumer-centric digital strategy. The key enabler for an effective digital strategy and strong mobile security is trusted identity. By utilizing a single trusted identity for mobile authentication, your digital banking customers can move freely between banking channels, access online services and mobile apps, and experience efficiencies at ATM, self-service and in-branch locations.


“Although BANCO BICE initially wanted two-factor authentication to support mandated regulations, the financial institution quickly realized that they were able to enhance their customer experience by providing flexibility and ensuring a secure consumer experience.”



We have partnered with industry leading experts in banking and identity to deliver a podcast series that addresses some of the challenges financial institutions are experiencing.

Banking fraud. Multiple Banking Channels. Digital Payments.


Podcast 1:

Interview with David Birch, author of Identity is the New Money

During this episode, author David Birch talks with Ryan Zlockie of Entrust Datacard about the future of money, how it’s changing from currency to identity, and the intersection of
both digital and physical money.

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Podcast 2:

Interview with banking fraud expert Julie Conroy of Aite Group

Technology and consumer preferences are changing how we interact with money. Julie Conroy, research director for the Aite Group Retail Banking Practice, discusses how to make authentication and the customer experience work together. Ryan Zlockie, vice president at Entrust Datacard, examines how mobile is in the center of new banking.

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Podcast 3:

Interview with Michael Thelander of Iovation

Michael Thelander, senior director, product marketing at Iovation, describes challenges with authentication through multiple banking channels, such as the web, mobile, call centers, ATMs and more. Entrust Datacard’s Ryan Zlockie takes a look at the tools to help beat bank fraud.

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Enable your PSD2 Strategy with Trusted Identities

Now’s the time to start rethinking your digital business strategy. With PSD2 top-of-mind for key stakeholders across organizations, we’ve compiled the latest updates on the PSD2 directive to help you stay informed AND compliant WHILE giving you the ability to transform and innovate your customer's banking experiences.

PSD2 Solution Brief


The new frontier in banking combines secure digital channels with the modern branch location to create a seamless omni-channel consumer experience. While online banking has been around since the late 1980s — and even mobile banking is now more than 15 years old — the emergence of mobile authentication has completely altered the banking landscape. Our secure digital banking solutions empower your retail and commercial banking customers with choices, enabling them to make transactions whenever and wherever it’s most convenient.

Learn how trusted identity simplifies your organization’s approach to mobile authentication and mobile security while minimizing costs—ultimately improving your overall customer experience by providing the security tools they need on the devices they love.

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Customers want to accomplish their banking goals in a variety of ways. The core of this challenge: authenticating identity. Mobile authentication acts as a multi-functional tool for accessing information, verifying transactions, signing or approving contracts and more. Our authentication solutions leverage mobile as the trusted identity, providing customers seamless access to multiple channels including ATMs, online banking, mobile banking access, mobile banking apps, and point of sale (POS).

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Eliminate passwords to create a more enjoyable and secure banking experience. Customers can now access accounts securely with mobile push notifications and transparent authentication methods such as touch ID or facial recognition.

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The increasing sophistication and frequency of fraudulent attacks requires you to secure transactions with strong authentication, without hindering the customer experience. Our solutions will empower your customers to quickly and easily verify transactions through mobile solutions such as out-of-band mobile push notifications and mobile smart credentials.

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Consumers want a secure, yet frictionless banking experience. Adaptive Authentication provides an innovative approach by adding a transparent layer of security for your customers. Assess a range of contextual attributes in real-time, and provide deep security and identity insights during login. This leads to fewer step-up challenges, fewer help desk calls, and reduces the number of fraudulent transactions.

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Ensure the integrity of your customer’s device before they open an account, sign into their banking applications, or conduct a transaction. Our device reputation solution allows you to add a layer of security while reducing any unnecessary customer involvement, providing a seamless and transparent experience. By relying on multi-factor authentication only when necessary, device reputation allows your organization to balance usability and security.

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Measurable Benefits

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Stronger Security Than Passwords

Passwords can be easily compromised or stolen. In fact, that’s the cause of a large percentage of breaches in the financial space. Our authentication solutions allow consumers to authenticate to digital banking with complete confidence.

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Consumer Satisfaction & Adoption

A majority of consumers use smartphones to manage and navigate many of their daily activities. Building on this familiarity and ubiquity helps drive customer satisfaction — and increases the adoption rates for your bank’s products and services.

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Simpler, Less Expensive than Tokens

One way to address the vulnerability of passwords is to use hardware tokens. In addition to adding cost, tokens add friction and complexity to consumer interactions. They simply do not align with other mobile experiences. Our authentication solutions offer one-touch simplicity that consumers know and trust.

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Core to the Omni-Channel Experience

Customers want to do their banking in a variety of ways. Our authentication solutions leverage mobile as the trusted identity, providing a secure foundation for omni-channel experiences that win customer loyalty.