Cloud-Based Multi-Factor Authentication


Transforming Enterprise Authentication

When it comes to enterprise-grade authentication, you need to secure your business and users effectively and efficiently, without compromising your user’s experience. It’s essential to provide secure access to applications, systems and files while safeguarding enterprise assets. Ultimately, how do you enable your digital business and mitigate the associated risk?

You need a modern authentication solution that is agile and secure, enabling your digital transformation.

Learn how to determine whether a cloud-based multi-factor authentication solution is right for your organization and three key considerations to ensure the authentication solution you select will securely enable your business transformation.


Embracing Cloud-Based Authentication Solutions

Our modern authentication solutions allow you to seamlessly secure your business, increasing operational efficiency and ensuring a better user experience. Cloud-based multi-factor authentication solutions – also referred to as cloud-MFA or identity-as-a-service solutions (IDaaS) – provide an easier way to manage your identity solutions. They deliver trusted identity and adaptive authentication capabilities across a unified device experience.


IntelliTrust™ Authentication Service

Our IntelliTrust Authentication Service equips you with a modern, intelligent, world-class identity platform and enterprise security solution that protects information across a full range of cloud-based and on-premises apps. There is no software to deploy, and our powerful workflow engines help automate tasks, allowing you to provide secure, frictionless access to all of your users.

Authentication Cloud Service Benefits Calculator

We’ve developed a quick and easy tool to allow you to see the benefits of using a cloud-based authentication solution.

Balance Security, Usability and Cost with High Assurance in the Cloud

Whether you need to secure simple portals or highly sensitive assets, we protect and enable your digital business by supporting a range of assurance levels – as well as users with varying levels of access privileges. IntelliTrust allows you to choose your ideal balance of security, usability and cost. When combined with our broad range of authenticators and our next-generation mobile solutions, you can provide high assurance and secure access for employees, partners, vendors and customers.

Single Sign-On – A Necessity in
Today’s Connected World

Single sign-on (SSO) provides strong security and transparent access control by allowing users to log in to cloud-hosted applications or legacy on-premises resources using a single ID and password. This reduces the need for users to authenticate repeatedly while still providing high assurance when confirming a user’s identity.

Leveraging Adaptive Authentication Methods


Our solutions include a layered security approach and comprehensive adaptive authentication methods that utilize device reputation, transaction analytics, contextual data and behavioral biometrics to provide a risk-based assessment that minimizes user impact while stepping up security controls when needed.

Entrust Datacard IntelliTrust Authentication Service

Enterprise-Grade Authentication with the Ease of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

When is a Cloud-based Authentication or IDaaS Solution Right for You?

Should you move to the cloud, invest in mobile, or expand your service offerings by supporting more authentication use cases? We can help you make educated decisions and choose the right authentication solution for your business. We’ve created a tool to help you determine which authentication methods make sense based on your business strategy.



A Solution That Evolves
With Your Business

Whether you need cloud-mfa, IDaaS, Cloud SSO or high assurance, it’s important to find a solution that can grow as your business evolves. We offer the flexibility to choose your preferred authentication methods and deployment models to meet your immediate and long-term identity and access management needs. We’ll guide you to help you transform and differentiate your business as new solutions, innovations and services are developed.


Experience You Can Count On

We have proven industry experience providing solutions for the world’s most security-conscious organizations for over 20 years. We constantly innovate to deliver best-in-class provisioning and management tools to support multiple use cases while delivering a unified user experience across devices. When combined with our modern, mobile-ready authentication platform, we’re able to provide secure, frictionless access and verification across your entire enterprise.

Measurable Benefits

Strong, Frictionless Authentication Security

Employees are most productive when unencumbered by frustrations caused by security constraints. Our IntelliTrust solution allows employees to work and collaborate securely, without adding friction caused by excessive process or location authentication requests.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Automate and simplify user authentication and provisioning, which will increase operational efficiency and free up IT staff to add value to the enterprise where it can make the biggest impact.

Utilize IT to Create a Competitive Advantage

Enable your business to protect valuable assets while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) by embracing advanced IT security solutions.

Reduce IT Costs & Complexity

Leveraging mobile eliminates the need to purchase dedicated and often costly hardware tokens, and it simplifies user provisioning and management as users already know how to download and update mobile applications. The broad range of Entrust Datacard self-service features makes enrollment and activation easy.

Potential Cost Savings Afforded by an IDaaS Solution


Identity and access management (IAM) as a service (IDaaS) may offer significant cost savings compared to an on-premises identity solution. According to Gartner analyst Gregg Kreizman:

Through 2020, organizations that perform cost analysis for internally delivered identity and access management (IAM) will spend 20% less, on average, for IAM as a service (IDaaS) delivery of the same functions, compared with organizations that do not conduct this analysis.*

*Kreizman, Gregg. (2016, July 18). How to Choose Between On-Premises and IDaaS Delivery Models for Identity and Access Management (ID: G00296572). Retrieved from Gartner database.

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