Citizen ID Issuance and Management


Every day, government agencies worldwide rely on Entrust Datacard solutions to issue and manage millions of secure passports, e-passports, national IDs and driver’s licenses.

Our secure technology solutions enable enrollment, issuance and lifecycle management for national IDs, passports, driver’s licenses and other physical and mobile credentials that are highly resistant to fraud, forgery and alteration. Our comprehensive portfolio also includes workflows, software and hardware systems, supplies and professional services.

Taking A Holistic Approach

Best practices for over-the-counter government ID card programs.



Key Elements of Our Solutions

Trusted Identities and Secure Credentials

Protecting citizens and safeguarding borders is a priority for every country. A key factor is trusted identity. Our tools and technologies allow you to issue, manage and authenticate secure credentials for citizens and travelers. Currently, more than 35 countries use Entrust Datacard digital and physical technologies to issue secure passports and travel documents.

Enrollment and Issuance


Enrollment and Issuance

Our solutions include everything you need to enroll citizens, establish trusted identities and issue secure card-based or mobile-derived credentials. You can also create multipurpose e-IDs that can be used to access a variety of e-government services.

Related products include:

Identity software (Secura and TruCredential)

Passport Issuance Systems (PB6500 and PB500)

Bureau Management Software
(DPP Software and Adaptive Issuance Software)

ID card printers

Central card issuance systems

Certified supplies

Credential Management


Credential Management

Our software lets you manage privileges and re-issue lost or expired credentials. You can also deactivate lost, stolen or revoked credentials.

Related products include:

Lifecycle management software

APIs and SDKs

Mobile device certificates




Our authentication tools and systems allow you to validate a citizen’s identity when they access services online or using mobile devices. You can also verify electronic transactions, encrypt digital communications and authenticate digital signatures.

Related products include:

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

SSL Certificates

Strong authentication

Technical Support

Support Your System

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Need More Help?

For immediate assistance Entrust Datacard has Customer Care Centers that are available to serve customers in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions.


Measurable Benefits

Secure Passports and travel Documents

Secure Passports and Travel Documents

Passports, e-passports and e-visas are critical lines of defense against illegal immigration, terrorism and other threats. Our issuance solutions make those credentials exceptionally secure, and they’re compatible with emerging border ecosystems that include e-gates and other new technologies.

Efficient Drivers Licensing

Efficient Driver’s Licensing

Looking to improve both the security and functionality of your driver’s licenses? Entrust Datacard can help eliminate fraud and duplicates in the enrollment process, automate manual processes, reduce costs of card issuance, and leverage new technologies to manage licenses in the field. Every year, more than 40 million driver’s licenses are issued using Entrust Datacard technology.

Complete National ID Programs

Complete National ID Programs

National ID card programs pose a number of key challenges, including security, efficiency and cost. Entrust Datacard can help you address these challenges and build the program you envision. We bring proven technologies and deep program experience to every national ID card engagement. Our solutions include enrollment, issuance, authentication and lifecycle management.

Leveraging Mobile and Cloud Technologies

Leveraging Mobile and Cloud Technologies

Entrust Datacard credentialing experts can help you explore emerging technologies and develop a roadmap for mobile-based credentials. Our solutions’ expertise ranges from enrollment and provisioning to authentication and lifecycle management, so we can help you implement, integrate and evolve a complete and comprehensive program.