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Instant Card Issuance

March 26, 2019

Step by step instructions on how to get your FP65i printer set-up.
Instant Card Issuance

January 03, 2019

Entrust Datacard’s Instant Issuance solution enables instant issuance of debit cards for Security First Bank customers across Nebraska and southwest South Dakota.

October 16, 2018

Use the Card Printer Firmware Update program and these instructions to update the firmware in the card printer.
Instant Card Issuance
L'imprimante de cartes financières Datacard® FP65i™ permet aux banques et autres institutions financières d'émettre instantanément des cartes cadeaux ou des cartes financières non-embossées pour un faible coût.
Instant Card Issuance
Datacard® FP65i™ 金融领域卡片打印机是金融机构和零售机构现场发行非凸字金融卡和礼品卡的超低成本发卡方案。
Instant Card Issuance
The Datacard® FP65i™ financial card printer enables financial institutions and retailers to instantly issue unembossed financial and gift cards at a very low total cost of ownership.
Instant Card Issuance
FP65i Financial Card Printer Supplies
Instant Card Issuance
Connect consumers with instant purchasing power
Instant Card Issuance
Forward-thinking financial institutions are implementing solutions that elevate the in-branch experience to remain relevant, earn customer loyalty and drive a positive impact on the bottom line.
Instant Card Issuance
Our comprehensive service offerings enable you to keep your hardware, firmware and software up-to-date, supply inventories maintained and secure destruction of confidential data.
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