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Consumer Authentication

June 24, 2019

We’ve gathered major dates and outlined our innovative and secure solutions that could help you become PSD2 compliant and also enable you to take your business to the next level.
By using the Entrust Datacard™ solution, the customer now can securely authenticate and access a variety of web and enterprise applications with one solution.
Entrust IdentityGuard provides today’s connected workers with secure, frictionless access to the networks, applications and resources they need — enabling them to work smarter and faster.
This report examines the decision-making processes that led customers to choose Entrust Datacard's authentication solution.
The Entrust IdentityGuard solution has proven to be a future-proof investment for Bayernoil, as it can also keep pace very well with the latest industry trends and growing security requirements.
The Entrust IdentityGuard platform was able to meet the customer’s requirements and provide the support and technology necessary to allow the customers to grow and add more users in the future.
Entrust GetAccess is a proven solution to solve any number of security objectives for automating processes for suppliers and partners and improving productivity and efficiency.
Consumer Authentication
Trusted Identity: The Foundation for Business Transformation
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