Design, issue and manage credentials anywhere, anytime

Entrust Datacard™ TruCredential software suite is a solution for creating, issuing and managing secure ID cards and credentials. The software allows organizations to meet a wide range of application requirements — from basic photo ID cards to high-assurance credentials.

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Easy-to-Use: Browser-based operation lets you use TruCredential software anytime, anywhere — no internet connection is required. Design new ID cards quickly with intuitive, drag-and-drop design templates and workflows. The software provides the ability to customize the process to fit your needs.

Configurable: Create custom design templates and workflows to meet your specific needs. Operators can then work independently with these established templates and process flows. You can also create unique user profiles to enhance the security of your program and give appropriate access to the right people.

Out-of-the-Box Integration: Get up and running quickly. TruCredential software easily integrates with your existing database or ERP system, Active Directory or any system that offers RESTful web services.

Easy to Deploy: Install and license on a single server, then remotely deploy and manage users and data.

Enhanced Features: Pre-built smart card configurations are available and easy to set up through the user interface. Keep track of your issuance program with comprehensive reporting.

Part of a Complete Solution: TruCredential software is engineered to work as part of an integrated system with Datacard printers, supplies and support. Third-party printers are also supported.

Works with the Latest Technology: All editions of TruCredential software work with the latest technology, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Windows 10, Windows Server, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Active Directory Systems, and RESTful Web Services.

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Issue IDs Anywhere - From Your Tablet, Phone and Desktop.

Measurable Benefits

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Stronger Security Than Passwords

Passwords can be easily compromised or stolen. In fact, that’s the cause of a large percentage of breaches in the financial space. Our authentication solutions allow consumers to authenticate to digital banking with complete confidence.

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Consumer Satisfaction & Adoption

A majority of consumers use smartphones to manage and navigate many of their daily activities. Building on this familiarity and ubiquity helps drive customer satisfaction — and increases the adoption rates for your bank’s products and services.

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Simpler, Less Expensive than Tokens

One way to address the vulnerability of passwords is to use hardware tokens. In addition to adding cost, tokens add friction and complexity to consumer interactions. They simply do not align with other mobile experiences. Our authentication solutions offer one-touch simplicity that consumers know and trust.

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Core to the Omni-Channel Experience

Customers want to do their banking in a variety of ways. Our authentication solutions leverage mobile as the trusted identity, providing a secure foundation for omni-channel experiences that win customer loyalty.

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  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit) & Windows 10
  • Web browser: Chrome, Internet Explorer version 11 & Microsoft Edge
  • Memory: 4 GB (8GB recommended)
  • Hard Drive: 1 GB of computer drive space
  • Screen Resolution: 1360 x 768


Credential Design:

  • Front and back card design, pre-designed card templates
  • Android and Microsoft Surface mobile devices for mobile enrollment, photo capture, and card printing
  • Variable/static text field, photo graph field, variable/static graphic field, date field
  • QR code, magnetic stripe code, bar code support


  • Text field, static text field, static graphic field, date field, print count field
  • Auto-sequence field, check box field, List field
  • Text field mask, field option – read only, hidden, mandatory, searchable
  • Smartcard Stock Supported
  • MiFARE Classic
  • MiFARE DESFire EV1
  • HID Prox
  • HID iClass
  • Smartcard Reader Supported
  • Identiv
  • DUALi (single-wire)
  • DUALi (two-wire)
  • Database & Data Import
  • Import data from CSV, ASCII file
  • Text field, Static text field, Static graphic field, date field, print count field
  • Photo Capture
  • File input, TWAIN, Microsoft Video for Windows
  • Languages Support
  • English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, Spanish
  • Localization utility for other languages