Securing Cisco ASA and ISE


The Cisco ASA & ISE series enables businesses to deploy strong security throughout the Secure Borderless Network. The appliances integrate network firewall, application security, and attack protection into a convenient appliance form factor that delivers proven performance and reliability. Cisco ASA appliances can be extended with numerous advanced security features for remote access, intrusion prevention, content security, unified communications, and botnets.

Seamless integration

SMS PASSCODE secures access through the Cisco ASA seamlessly, utilizing the Cisco ASA native RADIUS Challenge/Response features. The multi-factor authentication process for the users is convenient and easy, through the Cisco ASA as the Cisco ASA support RADIUS “Calling-Station-ID” which enables SMS PASSCODE to adapt a flexible security profile and select the appropriate security level, based upon the localization of the originating IP address of the user accessing the Cisco ASA.

Easy installation

SMS PASSCODE acts as a plug-in to the Microsoft Windows Server based Network Policy Server (NPS), making it very easy to install. SMS PASSCODE’s installation software seamlessly detects if the Network Policy Server (NPS) Role is activated on the selected Windows Server and provides the possibility to select to secure the RADIUS Protection by installing a SMS PASSCODE NPS extension. The installation software will make the necessary changes to the NPS server for the SMS PASSCODE Plug-In to work after installation.

SMS PASSCODE supports the usage of Connection Request Policies (CRP), to seamlessly integrate other systems into the RADIUS Server, providing a flexibility to choose how the NPS handles Connection Requests (e.g. by filtering authentication requests based on CRP’s).

Adaptive user authentication

Because SMS PASSCODE can see the IP address its users are logging in from, the solution delivers a higher level of security for Cisco ASA. With this information the IT team can configure location-based authentication policies to allow users to log in with or without an OTP depending on whether they are logging in from a trusted network like the company headquarters, branch or home offices. In addition, SMS PASSCODE can identify fraudulent login attempts from non-trusted sites and completely block access from these networks.

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