Certificate Hub

Certificate Hub provides complete management of your digital certificates within one powerful portal. From discovery and audit to issuance and orchestration, Certificate Hub ensures that no certificate is left unmanaged.

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Certificate Management Made Easy

Simple and intuitive certificate oversight across your organization. That’s what you get from Certificate Hub.

  • Discover the public and private certificates deployed across your organization
  • Customize and schedule reports to stay on top of your certificates
  • Control the certificate lifecycle from issuance, to reissuance and renewal

But you don’t have to take our word for it. See for yourself…

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Centralized Certificate Lifecycle Management

Certificate Hub makes certificate oversight and management simple and intuitive across your entire organization. By centralizing the certificate lifecycle management of your public and private certificates, Certificate Hub makes it possible to find and control all of the digital certificates within your infrastructure.

Centralized Certificate Lifecycle Management

Benefits of Certificate Hub

Single Pane of Glass

"Single Pane of Glass" View

Find, control, and manage the complete lifecycle of your public and private certificates, with a browser-based user interface.

Discovery and Reporting

Discovery and Reporting

Certificate Hub performs scheduled scans of your networks or Certificate Authority databases to locate and capture details on certificates. Automated reporting and notifications keep your team aware and accountable.

Complete Control

Complete Control

Issue, renew, and revoke certificates for Entrust Security Manager, Entrust® Certificate Services, and Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services, all from a single enforcement point.

Integration Readiness

Integration Readiness

Certificate Hub is container-based for on-premises or commercial cloud hosting, and its pluggable architecture makes it expansion ready.

Certificate Hub Features

Comprehensive Certificate Management

Comprehensive Certificate Management

  • Certificate issuance, renewal, and revocation for Entrust Authority Security Manager, Entrust Certificate Services, and Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Customized and automated reporting, with scheduled, user-defined reports
Automated Efficiency

Automated Efficiency

  • Discovery scanner and automated certificate import from CA databases and cloud services help you inventory certificates across your organization
  • Automated notifications warn of upcoming certificate expiration
  • Agentless certificate deployment and orchestration
Entrust Datacard Authentication

Ready for Integration and Growth

  • Provides multi-factor user administration and authentication through your enterprise IDP or through built-in integration to our IntelliTrust™ Cloud Authentication Service
  • Pluggable architecture for expansion
  • Modern day deployment hostable on-premises or in your enterprise’s private or public-cloud

Certificate Hub Versions

Certificate Hub is available in three tiers:


  • Inventory certificates across your organization through network discovery and automated certificate import.
  • Provide organizational visibility with an easy-to-use report designer and scheduler.
  • Issue notifications and reports via email to remind certificate owners of actions they need to take.


  • Centrally manage certificate policy, issuance, and access to public and private certificate authorities regardless of vendor.
  • Monitor CA activity through automated certificate import from CA databases and cloud services.
  • Perform operations to issue, renew, and revoke certificates from all connected CAs.


  • Deploy and rotate certificates without the need for agents or on-device clients.


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