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Connecting telcos with IoT opportunities

Many telcos have identified opportunities driven by layering application value chain beyond connectivity. Established telecommunications infrastructure is being re-imagined for potential use cases in the IoT space. Many telcos have identified opportunity driven by layering application value and new solution value on top of the complex and robust infrastructures they’ve built over time.

Ensuring A Trusted Internet of Things

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New telco opportunities are as focused on service delivery as they are dependent on connectivity. Offering connectivity, data security, data storage, predictive/prescriptive analytics and reporting are strong sources of profitability and growth for telcos as IoT surges ahead at a CAGR of 35% through 2025.

These kind of projects require security. Securing the digital identities of the devices, applications and people will be required in these projects, starting in the supply chain. Strong authentication, authorization and data integrity will provide the risk mitigation, extending trust across devices and potentially the third parties involved.

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The ability to offer a wide range of profitable IoT services requires trusted device identities, secure gateways and advanced encryption technologies. ioTrust™ Security Solutions from Entrust Datacard provide telcos with all of that and more. We embed trusted identities into devices across your network and ensure that data is only usable by authorized devices, apps or people. This allows you to create trusted IoT ecosystems and safeguard the flow of data across your IoT ecosystem.

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The Entrust Datacard ioTrust™ Platform empowers telcos to rise above the basic role of connectivity. Our trusted Identity and Data Security solutions allow you to offer a range of services from connectivity to full end-to-end capabilities of content-based service delivery.

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