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Bringing IoT security to industrial automation

Industrial verticals such as energy, utility, chemical and manufacturing are tasked with automating critical processes that are essential to modern life. Industrial automation is built with reliability and uptime as a priority. The promise of IoT will enable these systems to run more efficiently, and also enable new business models. But this will require an additional priority: Security.

Ensuring A Trusted Internet of Things

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While the devices that perform these tasks have evolved into highly reliable and efficient infrastructures, they were not built with data extraction, secure command and control, or Enterprise IoT function in mind. Recent industrial attacks and breaches have provided costly reminders that security is foundational to any IoT strategy, especially in Industrial Control Systems. Constrained devices and networks once considered isolated are increasingly becoming connected to the public internet through enterprise systems. The ability to secure these devices is a critical step towards a successful IoT deployment and profitable new revenue sources.

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Industrial Control Systems and other massive infrastructure cannot be rebuilt from the ground up. So when IoT technologies or other modernization programs are deployed, there is a clear need for adaptive and intelligent technologies that work with the systems already in place. Given the critical nature of these systems, it’s important that IoT solutions and other technologies can be deployed without interrupting performance.

We also understand that many industrial organizations are initially deploying IoT strategies to drive operational savings and strengthen security while subsequent phases will likely be dedicated to offering entirely new services — at both the consumer and wholesale levels — that will drive new revenues.

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ioTrust™ is built to secure both greenfield and brownfield devices in constrained networks and is compatible with industrial protocols. Secure digital identities mitigate risk by enabling strong authentication, authorization and ensuring data integrity. The value in digital assets currently sitting in isolated operational networks can be realized by ingesting that data into enterprise data hubs. ioTrust™ is built to securely enable this capability, helping industrial systems to make better business decisions, be more efficient and find new business models.

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