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Automotive IoT will generate approximately $8T in new revenue between now and 2021. This represents an astounding 35% CAGR. By the time 2021 arrives, more than 360M connected vehicles will be on the road and more than 82% of them will take advantage of connected services. Realizing that growth will require a secure ecosystem.

Ensuring A Trusted Internet of Things

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Opportunities in this market range from predictive maintenance and diagnostics to driver behavior analytics to media consumption patterns. These use cases will drive new business models as diverse as insurance and advertisement scoring. Managing vehicle lifecycle events — such as ownership change and the installation and servicing of genuine parts — offers great value for OEMs as well.

If you’re pursuing this opportunity with an automotive IoT strategy, how do you increase your chance of success? How do you build an IoT foundation that quickly adapts to inevitable technology changes? How do you secure your place in that $8T market?


Embedding trusted identity early in the automotive supply chain provides a trusted foundation for secure communication, command and control of vehicles and mitigated risk of attacks against the increasing complexity of innovative connectivity. Trusted managed identities at the ECU and head unit level allow for secure IoT strategies from supply chain through manufacturing, to initial ownership and the entire life cycle of the vehicle.


The Entrust Datacard ioTrust™ Platform allows OEMs and manufacturers through the supply chain to create a device ecosystem that is secure by design. Managed identities enable secure channels for service delivery, ranging from remote diagnostics to customized media consumption to ridesharing. This secures vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-smart-city-infrastructure communications. It ensures that only authorized users, devices and applications are able to interact or consume data.

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