Code Signing Certificates

Accelerate trust with a tamper-proof seal for software downloads

Entrust Code Signing Certificates authenticate the software publisher’s identity and verifies that the digitally signed executables and scripts have not been tampered with since signing. This assures customers that the signed software will be downloaded from the Internet as the developer intended.

Signed software significantly reduces trust dialog boxes from appearing during installation giving users assurance that the software is safe to download from the Internet. A trust dialog box show recipients the sender’s identity has been verified by a trusted Certification Authority (CA) and that the code or application has not been tampered with during transmission. Customers feel confident knowing that the publisher was verified by Entrust Datacard, a trusted.

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Measurable Benefits

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Publisher's trusted identity authenticates code.

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"Unknown publisher" dialogs assures end-users software is safe to download.

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Unverified software from being installed establishes a trusted relationship with customers.

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Application reputation for Microsoft SmartScreen® filter application signing.

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Applications and macros for online software distribution EV or OV verified certificates available.

Why code sign? View our White Paper and learn why developers need to digitally sign code and applications.

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