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The greatest value of an authentication portfolio is the ability to unleash the full productivity and innovation of an enterprise — while protecting what’s most important. So, how do you identify an authentication solution that is truly a digital business accelerator?

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With the digital revolution, comes even more authentication decisions you need to make. Should you move to cloud, invest in mobile, or expand your service and offerings by supporting more authentication use cases?

Use our Authentication Selector Tool to determine which authentication methods will support your business strategy now and into the future.

What authentication methods
are right for your business?

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Our strong authentication solutions offer the capabilities, assurance levels,
deployment options and mobile innovations you need to enable digital business –
and protect what’s important to you.

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Provide secure access to all of your cloud & legacy apps. For all users - employees, contractors, partners, vendors & customers.


VPN Access

Empower mobile workers to work securely and efficiently - anytime, anywhere - with secure access to WiFi, VPNs and other networks.



Customer & Partner Portals

Give external users access to the apps, information and networks you choose. One easy-to-manage credential for secure access.



Cloud SSO

Enable access to cloud and legacy apps from mobile devices. Offer frictionless access while providing strong protection against breaches.



Critical On-Premise Systems & Apps

Provide strong authentication and trusted security for critical resources that sit inside your firewall.



Desktop Log-In

When users login to desktops, they open a door to the corporate network. Our solution ensures security and frictionless experiences.



Mobile as Primary Computing Platform

Our identity-based security solution works like a virtual smart card that resides on mobile devices. But there’s nothing for users to carry or insert.

Trusted Authentication Solutions


Our strong authentication solutions offer the capabilities, assurance levels, deployment options and mobile innovations required for digital business success.

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Choose from the widest range of authenticators and deployment options.

Authentication suite


We support the widest range of authenticators from hardware tokens to mobile push OTPs to align with your needs, and simplify your transition from basic to high-assurance authentication. This breadth of offering helps you adapt quickly to new technologies and evolving business processes.

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The Authentication Cloud Service Benefit Calculator

takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and provides you with a quick and easy way to show the benefits of using a cloud-based authentication solution.

Technical Support

Support Your System

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Measurable Benefits

Drive Digital Transformation

Drive Digital Transformation

The greatest value of an authentication portfolio is the ability to unleash the full productivity and innovation of an enterprise — while protecting what’s most important. Entrust Datacard’s authentication solution is a true digital business accelerator.

Cloud Secure Access

Identity-Based Security Solutions for All of Your Use Cases

Provide secure access to all of your cloud and legacy apps, for all users — employees, contractors, partners, vendors and customers.

Move Beyond Passwords

Move Beyond the Pain & Risk of Passwords

Passwords can no longer be trusted to protect your business. Not only are they easy to compromise, but the manner in which people manage them makes them more vulnerable. Our solution allows you to move past passwords to a more secure approach that fits with the way people like to work.

Streamlined Access for Authorized Users

Streamlined Access for Authorized Users

Mobile-enabled authentication allows users to access networks and buildings, collaborate with peers and communicate securely — using the devices they carry today. Our solution offers strong security and ensures high accessibility for authorized users.

Invest in Authentication

Invest Wisely, Invest Once

Our authentication platform provides a single management solution for issuing, provisioning, managing and authenticating the digital identities of users and devices — across a broad range of use cases. While you may only have one need today, our solution will grow with you as those needs change.

Reduce IT Cost & Complexity

Reduce It Cost & Complexity

Leveraging mobile eliminates the need to purchase dedicated and often costly hardware tokens, and simplifies user provisioning and management as users already know how to download and update mobile applications. The broad range of Entrust Datacard self-service features makes enrollment and activation easy.


Strong Authentication (7)

Intellitrust™ Authentication Service

The cloud authentication service built for the demands of your enterprise
    • Authenticators built for the enterprise
    • Infrastructure integrations
    • Single sign-on/federation
    • Adaptive authentication

IdentityGuard Two Factor Authentication

Entrust IdentityGuard™ two-factor authentication solution (2FA) ensures strong security for online and mobile transactions and protected access to website, building and more.

IdentityGuard Adaptive Authentication

Our risk-based adaptive authentication solution handles an array of inputs for strong decisions, including device fingerprint, device reputation and area behavior.

IdentityGuard Mobile

Entrust IdentityGuard™ mobile allows you to secure and enable your enterprise with a choice of one-time passcode and certificate-based applications.

IdentityGuard Virtual Appliance

With Entrust® IdentityGuard™ Virtual Appliance,a prepackaged application and operating system come fully configured and ready to run in a virtual environment.

TransactionGuard Fraud Detection Software

Entrust TransactionGuard works seamlessly with Entrust IdentityGuard to create layered security for diverse users and applications. Detect online fraud without invasive integration with existing online applications and step-up authentication controls only when dictated by elevated risk.

GetAccess Single Sign-On

Give your employees, customers and partners a single sign-on solution for accessing digital content, data and a variety of online services.

Trusted PKI Solutions (2)


Apply encryption, digital signature and certificate authentication consistently across a range of applications and platforms with Entrust Authority PKI.

Entelligence Security Provider Digital Identity Management

Entrust Entelligence Security Provider offers automatic management of an organization’s digital IDs.

Configured to Meet the Requirements of Your Industry

Entrust Datacard authentication solutions deliver strong security without compromising the end-user experience.