Automated Provisioning to Streamline IT

The thought of enrolling and provisioning hundreds or thousands of mobile users and devices seems overwhelming. Our automated authentication solutions simplify the process—removing complicated software from the process and allowing IT to focus on other business initiatives. Our platform includes efficient workflows, intuitive self-service provisioning tools and key cloud integrations.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Cloud Simplifies Life for Your IT Team

Our cloud-based platform offers pre-built connectors and workflow-driven configurations that streamline management IT tasks. Automatically route application requests, create accounts and revoke or renew access from a single point of control. Out-of-the-box directory tools for Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP repositories also reduce manual IT effort.

Empower Users and Free IT

Our highly intuitive self-service tools allow users to perform a variety of tasks that otherwise would require direct support from IT — including change passwords, enrolling devices and managing digital certificates.


Password Reset

Users can change passwords directly from their mobile phones. When users forget their passwords or existing passwords are set to expire, notifications can be sent out to a mobile device to reset the password and quickly regain access.

Self-Service Features

From requesting and initializing authenticators, to unlocking accounts and managing day-to-day tasks, our self-service module gives users control of many device management capabilities—reducing the need for IT to manage routine authentication tasks.
Entrust Datacard Authentication

Single Sign-On and Passwordless Access

Single sign-on, password-less access and other advanced features reduce friction for users while increasing the strength of your security. Save time and resources by eliminating the burden and security risks that come with complicated passwords. In the long run, this can save both time and resources—while increasing usability and security.

Out-of-the-Box Tools and Integrations

Our authentication platform fits perfectly with your existing IT infrastructure. Seamless integration with today’s leading technology vendors—in addition to leading on-premises and cloud applications—lets you leverage your current IT assets and directories for a smooth transition to a highly empowered mobile-based workforce.

Platform Integrations

Simplicity for users, security for the enterprise

Entrust Datacard authentication solutions provide exceptionally strong security for your enterprise. Our solutions mitigate the vulnerability of passwords. But for all of its strength, our solution is also entirely transparent to mobile workers—ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice IT simplicity to achieve end-to-end enterprise security.

No hardware to carry.
No passwords to remember.
No OTPs to type.
No high-friction security rules that users will look to circumvent.

A complete package for IT

We give IT teams everything they need to manage trusted identities — including PKI, credential management, user self-service and an advanced mobile identity application. Automated enrollment tools make it easy for users to self-register — anywhere they choose. Once users are provisioned, policy management tools make it easy to revoke access as required.


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Our Products

Cloud-Based Deployment


Secure your enterprise and give your users secure access to everything — applications, networks, computers, doors — with cloud-based multi-factor authentication.

On-Premises Deployment


Experienced security professionals in corporations, banks and government agencies know the name IdentityGuard and trust it to protect and enable what matters to them.

SMS Passcode™

SMS Passcode authenticates users by sending a real-time, session-specific one-time passcode (OTP) to the user’s mobile phone via SMS, app, voice-call or email.

Beyond Security

Our Authentication Platform Empowers You to Do More


Meet PSD2 Regulations


Streamline IT Management


Enable PIV Compliance