Improve User Experience (UX)

Legacy authentication methods frustrate users and rarely offer high-assurance security capabilities. As you move to the cloud, you need a solution that’s more secure, and provides a better user experience and instant access to applications and data.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Great UX for Mobile Authentication

Whether remote employees are logging in to your VPN, signing into workstations or using their own devices as their new computing platforms, mobile authentication provides seamless and secure access, anytime, anywhere.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Adaptive Authentication for Any Situation

When a user attempts to access an application, adaptive authentication leverages contextual factors to assess the login attempt in real time. Depending on these factors, a user is either logged in or redirected to additional authentication steps.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Friction-Free, User Self-Management Tools

From password resets to initializing authenticators, Entrust Datacard’s self-management tools simplify login management and access control by enabling users to make changes directly from their mobile phones.

  • Forgotten password notification
  • Password expiration updates
  • Personal device enrollment
  • Mobile digital certificate issuance
Entrust Datacard Authentication

User-preferred Mobile Push Authentication

With a simple swipe or push, you can provide users with convenient, transparent authentication to access and approve multiple types of transactions with just one identity. Use cases for mobile push include:

  • Remote access
  • Single sign-on to SaaS and enterprise applications
  • Transaction verification
  • Mobile and online banking access
  • Card issuance and account change verification
  • Mobile smart credentials
Entrust Datacard Authentication

Power of Mobile Smart Credentials

Backed by Entrust Datacard’s PKI certificates, a mobile smart credential embeds a trusted identity onto your users' mobile devices to create virtual smart cards for a seamless, passwordless login experience. You can even manage multiple mobile smart credentials on one device for a variety of use cases:

  • Passwordless Bluetooth workstation access
  • Auto-Detect for auto-login/logout
  • Windows login with offline availability
  • Cardless ATM
  • Single sign-on

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Secure your enterprise and give your users secure access to everything — applications, networks, computers, doors — with cloud-based multi-factor authentication.

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Experienced security professionals in corporations, banks and government agencies know the name IdentityGuard and trust it to protect and enable what matters to them.

SMS Passcode™

SMS Passcode authenticates users by sending a real-time, session-specific one-time passcode (OTP) to the user’s mobile phone via SMS, app, voice-call or email.

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