IdentityGuard Adaptive Authentication

Authenticate users & transactions based on risk profiles

IdentityGuard adaptive authentication
Hackers continually change their method of attack. Our risk-based authentication solution adapts and anticipates those threats and provides real security, without creating friction for your users. Our Adaptive Authentication solutions analyze hundreds of risk indicators to detect and defeat suspicious activity. If potential risks or policy violations are detected, users are presented with step-up challenges to confirm their identities.



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Transparent Authentication for Online and Mobile Channels

Discover how to implement controls that delight customers with their ease-of-use, but disappoint hackers thanks to top-level security.

Measurable Benefits

device certificate

Device Certificate

Can be used to transparently validate authenticity of a user’s computer or mobile device.

IP geolocation

IP Geolocation

Parameters can be assessed and balanced against a number of checks.

Device fingerprint

Device Fingerprint

When a user accesses the website or application, the device and access context is assessed in real time –weighing aspects of the device’s digital fingerprint.

clock and calendar

Time of Day, Day of Week

Configures security policy to access specific resources and applications between specific times and days of the week to different groups within the organization.

device reputation

Device Reputation

Recognizes and detects fraudulent behavior across all types of Internet devices including desktop, mobile and tablets, even prior to login, and integrates with websites and applications.

Entrust Datacard Device Reputation

Leverage Analytics to Improve Security and Reduce User Friction

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