Device Reputation

Leverage analytics to improve security and reduce user friction

Whether it’s employees, partners, consumers or citizens, you want to provide frictionless digital experiences. Our approach to device reputation adds a layer of transparent authentication, making it easy for you to deliver frictionless user experiences — while improving the strength of your digital security.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

The Intelligence to Detect and Prevent Fraud

Our device reputation technology features a rules engine that lets you decide when specific activities require step-up authentication. For example, if someone who appears to be an authorized user tries to access your network, but the device in-use is unfamiliar or previously used in a fraudulent manner, our solution will issue a challenge to the user. To do this, we leverage best-of-breed device identification, dynamic risk context and analytics from a global intelligence network.

Here’s How It Works

There’s no servers to manage or software to deploy. You simply use our cloud-based service to establish your policies and monitor activity on your networks.

Five simple steps:

1. A user visits your website or mobile app from any device

2. Device fingerprint and data attributes are collected via JavaScript or Mobile SDK

3. An Authentication or Fraud request is sent to our device intelligence platform for analysis

4. A customized real-time response is returned regarding the device and the transaction within milliseconds

5. Based on you predetermined policies, our solution either approves or denies access — or issues a step-up challenge for additional proof of identity


Key Features


Device ID and Registration

Affirm user identity by matching device fingerprints with a high degree of accuracy.

Device Change Tolerance

Built-in intelligence takes expected or typical device changes into consideration, minimizes false negative responses and establishes acceptable risk boundaries.

Reveal Hidden Connections

Understanding how a device links to known bad activity or other users will allow you to automatically enforce step-up authentication challenges if risk thresholds are exceeded.

Evasion Detection

Proxy piercing detects fraudulent servers that are often used by fraudsters, while leveraging advanced techniques to unmask TOR networks, VPNs, mobile VMs, emulators or other anonymizing activity.

Global Device Intelligence Platform

Real-time device feedback from thousands of risk analysts can help flag suspicious accounts and identify unauthorized devices.

"PII-less" Precision

Recognition technology uses hundreds of attributes to instantly identify a device without the need for the user’s personally identifiable information.

Popular Enterprise Use Cases


BYOD Integrity Check

Ensure the integrity of a new employee's device before issuing access to networks, apps and other assets.

Mobile Pre-ID Check

Ensure a device has not been associated with fraudulent activity before a trusted identity is provisioned.

Simplified Authentication

Reduce the number of times a user needs to authenticate by layering device analytics to identify low-risk situations.

Common Consumer Banking Use Cases


New Account Creation

Make secure identity proofing part of your application process when customers are creating online or mobile accounts.

Online & Mobile Banking

Make digital interactions with your bank seamless for users, while protecting what’s important to you and your customers.

Transaction Verification

Out-of-band transaction verification helps defeat advanced fraud attacks by adding a layer of security and assessing device integrity.

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Our Products

Cloud-Based Deployment


Secure your enterprise and give your users secure access to everything — applications, networks, computers, doors — with cloud-based multi-factor authentication.

On-Premises Deployment


Experienced security professionals in corporations, banks and government agencies know the name IdentityGuard and trust it to protect and enable what matters to them.

SMS Passcode™

SMS Passcode authenticates users by sending a real-time, session-specific one-time passcode (OTP) to the user’s mobile phone via SMS, app, voice-call or email.

Our Authentication

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Establish Trust

Streamline the onboarding of a wide range of users and devices with a wide range of technologies available in our platform.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Enable Access & Transactions

Ensure both strong security and exceptional user experiences with these best-in-class technologies.

Entrust Datacard Authentication

Maintain Trust

Continuously protect against advanced threats with technology ranging from behavior analytics to fraud detection.