If you’re still unsure which Entrust SSL subscription is best for you, we’re happy to help. This easy-to-understand SSL Subscription Service Comparison chart outlines the differences between Entrust’s subscription offerings — enabling you to make the smartest decision for your organization.

  Subscription Plan Units Plan
  • Versatile plan enables you to issue and reuse SSL/TLS certificates throughout the account term.
  • Purchase an inventory of SSL/TLS certificates for a fixed account term (1-5 years).
  • Choose the validity period for each SSL/TLS certificate.
  • Upon expiration, the license is returned to inventory to be reused throughout the account term.
  • This is a unit based system where certificates can be issued for 1, 2 or 3 years.
  • Available for all certificate type.
  • One unit represents one year.
  • Licenses expire at the end of the term, and cannot be reused. For example, a 24-month SSL/TLS certificate consumes 2 units.
  • Select expiration dates to meet you schedule avoiding weekends, holidays and busy periods.
  • A fixed account expiration date renews all licenses simultaneously.
Active expiration: the account remains active for the duration of the longest active certificate.
Issuance Period OV certificates can be issued from 10 days to 27 months, and EV certificates for 10 days to 27 months throughout the account term, per industry guidelines.Expiration date varies based on the validity period purchased for individual certificates.
  • Select expiration dates to meet you schedule avoiding weekends, holidays and busy periods.
  • A fixed account expiration date renews all licenses simultaneously.
  • Minimize unexpected costs with the potential for term and volume discounts that are valid throughout the account term.
  • Term Discount - is a cost effective way to purchase certificates. By prepaying your account term, you receive a discount up front based on the length of your account.
  • Additional certificates can be purchased on a pro-rated basis (based on the time remaining on the account) and at the original discounted price.
  • Volume discount rewards the customer as the volume increases. Subsequent add-ons are priced based on the total number of licenses, and receive the volume discount throughout the account term.
Certificates are paid in full at the time of purchase.
  • Manage your account with Certificate Services, our certificate lifecycle management platform.
Manage your certificates with Certificate Services Lite
Which Plan is Right for My Organization?

Subscription Plan is best for:

  • Web Environments that require the maximum flexibility for certificate issuance and validity periods.
  • Larger or growing organizations where needs may vary over the account term.

Units Plan is best for:

  • Organizations that bill certificate cost back to clients or internal departments.
  • When exact individual certificate costs are required.
  • Smaller organizations with limited usage.

Units based certificates are issued in unit/years allowing you to accurately reissue or rebill single certificates.
Use Case Purchase 20 licenses for a three year account term, and receive term and volume discounts. At any time throughout the account term, you can issue and reuse up to 20 SSL/TLS certificates for the validity period you choose. Throughout the account term, purchase additional SSL/TLS certificates on a pro-rated basis, at the original discounted price. Purchase 20 units for immediate issuance. For example 5 two-year certificates and 10 one-year certificates to deploy onto your servers. Those servers will be protected throughout the validity periods.

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