Value of Regional Ribbons

A critical element of all issuance programs is ensuring the right choice of supplies that not only deliver high-quality results, but also optimize the performance of your system at an affordable price.

Regional ribbons combined with our latest printer firmware, improve communication integrity with high encryption RFID supplies and ensure superior print quality with optimized color rich image printing.



  • Printers shipped since August 2016 include firmware support for regional ribbons
  • Printers shipped prior to August 2016 must update firmware level to be at or above:
    D2 firmware – D2.15.3 or higher OR D3 firmware – D3.16.3 or higher
  • Firmware update.
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Save money with Regional Ribbons.

  • Avoid the legacy ribbon price increase – means money savings for you!
  • Previously available on the SD, now includes the SD/CD/CE printer series
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Improve printer performance with latest firmware feature set.

  • Enhance your solution security!
  • Improved performance: printer integrity, improved usability, faster printer uptimes
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Less waste with regional ribbons.

  • Combined material & elevated technology for more efficient card printing
  • Less material used, reducing environmental waste with every card printed

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