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Firmware versions D2 and D3 versions are available.
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Entrust Datacard is dedicated to keeping your printer and your organization as secure as possible. We provide printer firmware updates on a regular basis and keeping your printer firmware current is key to staying protected and maximizing the performance of your system.

Regional ribbons use the latest printer firmware improving communication integrity and ensure superior print quality with optimized color rich image printing. For printers shipped prior to August 2016, firmware must be at or above the following:

  • D2 Firmware: must be D2.15.3 or higher
  • D3 Firmware: must be D3.16.3 or higher

We recommend you check for applicable firmware updates and take full advantage of the latest security protocol protection and new printer enhancements. 

Here is the entire how, what, when and why of upgrading your printer.

Here's the full information on the InFocus firmware download. The links on this page will take you to detailed firmware update instructions, FAQs, supplies lists that translate old part number to new ones, and much more.

Why upgrade?

Learn about the benefits of upgrading your firmware.

How to download?

Get the "what, why, when, and how" of the InFocus firmware download.

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How-To Video

Updating the firmware for your Datacard® printer is easy. We’ll show you how, step by step in this video.


Who to contact for more help.

We designed the firmware update for the Datacard® desktop card printers to install quickly and very easily. Despite that, you may still have questions. If so, here are the people to contact:


Contact your internal technical support staff.

If you are not directly responsible for the technical maintenance of your Datacard printer, talk to the people who are. They know your ID card issuance systems best.


Contact your local Entrust Datacard Authorized Reseller

Datacard resellers have the latest information on the InFocus Upgrade program – so contact them if you have additional questions. Not sure who your nearest reseller is? Find a reseller here.


Contact Entrust Datacard directly

Americas: +1 800 328 3996 or +1 952 988 2316
Europe, Middle East and Africa: +44 1489555627
Asia Pacific: +852 2866 2613