Support for your CE840 Instant Issuance System


Solutions for your CE840™ instant issuance system. This system is ideal for banks, retailers, and other card issuing organizations looking to implement new programs or take customer engagement to the next level.

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InFocus Firmware Update, firmware versions D3.17.6 or D2.15.3 are now available

Updated 03/07/2019

This firmware is intended for all SD, CD and CE series card printers using the following versions of Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit)

Begin your InFocus firmware upgrade now

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Developer Tools 

Datacard XPS Card Printer Driver v7.4 Software Developers Kit

Updated 10/01/2018

The Software Development Kit provides codes samples and documentation to software developers for developing Microsoft Windows applications that work with SD, CD, CE and CR series card printers and the version 7.4 XPS card printer driver. Samples are provided as source code and compiled binaries for Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic, and java. Developers who need application control of printing preferences, application control of card movement, or require data from the card must use the SDK.

NOTE: The v7.4 SDK requires XPS Card Printer Driver v7.3 or later.

SD,CD, CR and CE Series Card Printers Windows Driver SDK Programmer's Reference Guide Rev E

Updated 10/28/2018

The Application Programming Interface (API) built into the XPS Card Printer Windows driver (referred to as “the driver” in the remainder of this Guide) provides two methods that your application can use to control card personalization operations through the driver. Both use builtin Windows operating system interfaces.

Smart Card Drivers

Identive CLOUD 4000 F DTC Smart Card Driver Version 1.01

Updated 1/31/2014

Identive CLOUD 4000 F DTC Smart Card Driver Version 1.01.

Download 18.4 MB .EXE


Identive CLOUD 4000 F DTC Smart Card PCSC Diagnostics Tool

Updated 1/30/2014

PCSC Diagnostics used to test the Identive CLOUD 4000 F DTC smart card reader.

Upgrade  6.6 MB .EXE


Identive CLOUD 4000 F DTC Smart Card PCSC Reference Manual version 1.0

Updated 1/29/2014

CLOUD 4000 F DTC Dual Interface Smart Card Reader boards reference manual v1.0

Download1.1 MB .PDF

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User Guides

CE840 Instant Issuance System Quick Install Guide

Updated 4/28/2017

This guide provides quick installation information for the CE840 Instant Issuance System.

CE840 Instant Issuance System Installation and Administrator's Guide

Updated 4/28/2017

This manual provides administrator information for the CE840 Instant Issuance System.

The manual includes:

  • Advanced system information used by administrators or other professionals responsible for printing cards.
  • Detailed installation instructions.
  • How to perform advanced maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

CE Series Instant Issuance System CPX Protocol and Setup Manual

Updated 5/22/2014

This manual provides technical information on communicating with the CE Series Instant Issuance System.

XPS Card Printer Driver Guide


The Card Printer Driver uses Microsoft XPS print technology to support printing from currently available applications. This chapter provides a task overview of what the Card Printer Driver does, and a description of the communication between the Card Printer Driver and the card printer.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7, 32‐ and 64‐bit
  • Windows 8.1, 32‐ and 64‐bit
  • Windows Server 2003 R2, 32‐bit
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, 64‐bit
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

CE840 Instant Issuance System User Guide

Updated 4/28/2017

This manual provides user information for the CE840 Instant Issuance System.

The manual includes:

  • An overview of printer components and options, and a description of the system label.
  • How to use the printer, including how to power the printer on and off, how to use the front panel and LCD menus, card processing basics, how to print a test card, and how to load and replace supplies.
  • How to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting tasks

SD/CD/CE Series Card Printer XPS Plug-in Guide

Updated 3/06/2015

This Guide explains how to use Datacard® ID Works® Identification Software, Datacard® IDCentre™ Identification Software, or Datacard® WebID® Identity Information Software with Datacard SD, CD, and CE Series printers

CE System Embosser Repackaging for Shipment

Updated 5/22/2014

Repackaging Guide for CE System Embosser.

CE840 Printer Repackaging for Shipment

Updated 5/21/2014

Repackaging Guide for CE840 Printers