Across Digital + Physical Domains

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Expanding Our Portfolio
With Proven HSM Technology

Entrust Datacard welcomes nCipher as we continue to expand our portfolio of trusted identity and secure transactions solutions. Acquiring the company’s security expertise and best-in-class hardware security modules (HSMs) extends our leadership position and creates exciting, new offerings for customers of both companies. Our combined solutions will enable public and private enterprises to pursue digital transformations and IoT connectivity with confidence. Together, as one trusted source, we’ll develop certificate-based solutions that protect assets, ensure privacy and greatly simplify compliance with evolving government regulations.

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Joining Forces To Strengthen Security
With Proven HSM Technology

Together, Entrust Datacard and nCipher provide organizations of all sizes with clear and secure cloud migration paths — and allow them to create ecosystems that they can use to efficiently engage customers, citizens, employees and partners.

Benefits of Our Combined Solutions

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Protect Intellectual

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Personal Data

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Manage Cyber
Security Threats

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Comply With
Emerging Regulations

Unmatched Strength In Regulatory Compliance

HSMs are critical components for enterprises looking to protect data, manage cyber security threats and safeguard transactions. They’re especially valuable as enterprises work to achieve compliance in regulatory environments such as those governed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS) guidelines.

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Simplify Trust With Complete PKI Offerings

Entrust Datacard offers the world’s most robust PKI offerings, including both on-premises configurations and cost-effective managed services. Integrating best-in-class nCipher HSMs with these offerings gives you more power and more choices when architecting your enterprise security. Because our solutions are more complete, there is less integration work and more certainty for you.

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Embedded Security: We can better protect enterprise assets and data by embedding applications within HSMs for use in emerging areas such as blockchain, crypto wallets and IoT manufacturing. You can now get complete security solutions from one trusted source.

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Expanded Managed Service Offerings: This acquisition allows Entrust Datacard to expand our HSM-as-a-service and offer more bring your own key (BYOK) services. This gives our customers affordable and flexible options for key management — and contributes directly to making cloud migrations easier. This acquisition also expands our expertise in other HSM use cases such as data protection and key protection/control.