Product Privacy Notices

EDC does not process any personal data for the following on-premise products with the exception of personal data that customers voluntarily enter into the comments section of service/support tickets in Salesforce or Oracle. For information on how EDC processes personal data entered into Salesforce or Oracle, please refer to the terms of our standard customer DPA found here.

Certificate Solutions

• Affirmtrust
• nCipher HSMs (hardware security modules)

Secure Access

• GetAccess
• TransactionGuard

Secure Issuance

• Access Control (Printers with Secure, TruCredential or IDWorks)
• Central Issuance (Printers with Adaptive Issuance)
• Instant Issuance (Printers with Cardwizard)

As described above, please note that all EDC products utilize Salesforce or Oracle for customer service/support. That personal data processing has not been detailed in our Product Privacy Notices.

Product Privacy Notices

Entrust Certificate Services
SSL Certificates   Download PDF >>
Qualified Certificates   Download PDF >>
Public Key Infrastructure    
Entrust Datacard PKI   Download PDF >>
MSO (Entrust Managed PKI)   Download PDF >>
Safelayer PKI Hub   Download PDF >>
Safelayer KeyOne PKI and KeyOne eMRTD Platforms   Download PDF >>
Safelayer TrustedX Platform and Mobile Apps    
Gateway Services (CaaS, Mgd MS CA, Root CA Hosting)   Download PDF >>
IoTrust   Download PDF >>
IntelliTrust   Download PDF >>
IdentityGuard   Download PDF >>
SMS Passcode   Download PDF >>
Secure Issuance    
Financial Instant Issuance (FII) Cloud   Download PDF >>