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"As two of the world's leading ePassport experts, this collaboration is an important achievement as we help global governments deploy first-generation or migrate to second-generation ePassports. Entrust is a pioneer in ePassport encryption technology and this agreement strengthens both of our ePassport offerings by providing interested governments a single, interoperable source for a comprehensive ePassport solution."

Rich Sanders, business manager, 3M Security Systems Division


"Entrust has given us a more sensible and cost effective way of buying security software.Now, as the number of users accessing our system begins to rise or if there is precipitate growth, our licensing needs are already covered, whilst our unit cost declines yielding better value,"

Ken Walker, senior project manager of Platform Services at Aon Limited


"We considered both tokens and PIN/TAN for stronger security. Tokens would require we pass along the cost to our customers, and PIN/TAN just didn’t offer the security strength we wanted. When we unveiled the cards to our customers, they were thrilled to have a more secure method for doing business with us."

Laureano Cuesta, Internet Security Manager, Banco Santander Santiago

"As banks in Chile were required to comply with the government-issued mandate, we found the versatility, ease of use and efficiency of Entrust’s strong authentication solution to be the right choice as we integrated two-factor authentication. The platform’s versatility and interoperability allows us to address both current and future needs as we evaluate the risks of the transactions our customers choose to execute with us online."

Sebastian Covarrubias, Manager of Marketing and Products, Banco Security

"We wanted our solution to be inclusive and able to be used anywhere in New Zealand, and around the world. There’s value in NetGuard (Entrust IdentityGuard) for all of our customers,as it can help safeguard not only funds but personal information as well. Being able to offer NetGuard to our customers is something we are very proud of and cements our position as a leading financial services provider in our market."

Shona Bishop, Bank of New Zealand General Manager Marketing

"At Baptist, our number one priority is to help our medical professionals efficiently provide superior healthcare to their patients. My team’s goal was to give them simple and secure access to the information they need to deliver that care. Passlogix and Entrust provided a solution that was relatively quick to deploy, and that provides convenient and secure access to our clinical systems."

Roland Garcia, CIO of Baptist Health

"While our initial needs were authentication driven, we anticipated that our Entrust PKI would evolve with our business needs to help secure additional business applications. Now, that same infrastructure has evolved into the foundation of our information-security practice. Particularly when administered via a lifecycle management platform, PKI, coupled with a secure e-mail solution, provides us the ability to secure many different aspects of our organization. From logical access, user and machine authentication to secure e-mail, this new multi-solution approach provides the security we need without hindering efficiency or productivity."

Richard Perry, Director of Security, Compliance and Continuity, BNSF Railway Company


"The Entrust IdentityGuard authentication platform provided us with a cost-effective solution to extend two-factor authentication capabilities to many more remote access users than was previously possible. What we specifically liked about the Entrust IdentityGuard solution was the choice of having the option to deploy multiple types of tokens."

Hiren Shah, Chief Technology Officer

"One of the challenges of initiating a new security measure for customers is the ease of delivery and implementation. The Entrust services team provided the necessary expertise and worked closely with our team to establish the optimum card delivery strategy, keeping our customers and their concerns in mind. We are excited about this roll out and the security Entrust IdentityGuard will provide to our valued customers."

Jose Reyes, Senior Vice President of Security Commercebank


"At Commercebank, we are committed to providing unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction and flexibility through the latest available technology. We are constantly enhancing our product lines and services to meet the needs of our domestic and international markets, and one of those needs has been addressing the concerns around online banking and identity theft for our customers. We needed a solution that would be easy for our customers to use, while also scalable and cost effective. Entrust IdentityGuard met all those criteria."

Herbie Folgueira, Executive Vice President Commercebank


"Our organization’s goal was to implement a seamless fraud detection strategy that wouldn’t require invasive integration with back-end applications — this solution enables us to do just that"

Sofie Nystrøm, Chief Information Security Officer, DnB NOR


"Certification adds the legally valid digital signature to the’s security solutions and products and Entrust has contributed to the achievement of this objective,"

Francesco Perna, Head of Security Competence Centre at

"One of the most attractive elements of Entrust’s platform is its versatility. Our primary objective is the security of our corporate resources. We sought a dynamic, straightforward method that could easily be tailored to meet our security goals now — and in the future as our business expands."

N.Jayantha, Head of IT, Essar Group

"With the migration of our PKI to Entrust we wanted to strengthen the security in the exchange of payment instructions in our network and make it easy for our members to install and use. The Entrust Authority Security Manager solution allowed us to have the highest level of confidence in our communications. It also gave us the advantage of integrating the solution completely into our own application using the Entrust Authority™ Security Toolkit for the Java Platform. With Entrust we have the flexibility to manage the PKI environment ourselves and provide our members with platform independent installation procedures."

Uwe Holmsgaard, IT Director at Eurogiro Networks


FCH Centrum

"In order to protect our customer base from online phishing and secure their identities, we sought an easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy authentication solution. Entrust’s multifactor authentication capabilities are cost-efficient, easy to deploy and provide the strong second factor of security that we sought for our online customers."

FCH Centrum Executive Director

"The main benefit that we see in the Entrust Certificate Administrator Service’s Web-based interface is that it provides us with an easy way to manage certificates. The enhancements to the interface really streamlines the certificate management process whether it is for live sites,or for internal testing sides we are able to revoke the certificates immediately. Even with large numbers of certificates this is a painless process. Given the ease of this task I can keep our consultants focused on evolving our systems and dealing with more complex technical issues. We would rather take a proactive stance when it comes to our security model in order to maximize our certificate usage,while protecting our clients’ confidential data. The Certificate Administrator Service allows us to maintain a higher level of control,"

Jeff Narucki, Director of Technology Development, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, P.C.(FDBL)

"Second-generation ePassports represent the beginning of an evolution that will improve the reliability and security of electronic travel documents. Entrust’s EAC ePassport CA solution was selected because it was a ready, well-documented, fully supported and security evaluated product."

System Integrator Erkki Wuoma at the Finnish Population Register Centre


"We’ve been a proud technology partner of Entrust as a value-added reseller, but now GET Group’s Passport and ID Division will collaborate on global projects by leveraging their proven and highly secure ePassport technology. By collaborating on a complete solution, we’ll be working together to ensure the latest ePassport technology is available to security-conscious governments across strategic global regions."

GET Passport and ID Division President & CEO, Gary Christelis

"We wanted an authentication solution that would provide strong security but also be easy to use for our students and faculty and also be economical to manage. Because we can combine the Entrust IdentityGuard grid authentication capability with the identity cards we already issue to our students and faculty at the beginning of the school term, it fit seamlessly into our existing system and will give us the ability to make even more services available online for everyone."

Sven-Elof Kristenson, IT manager at Göteborg University

“From a cost perspective, it was just hard to top the versatility and strength of the Entrust IdentityGuard authentication solution, but the usability for our staff members really put the Entrust solution over the top. We now are able to save money across the board and deploy strong enterprise authentication for a larger group of users, and the employees can just carry the grid cards with their ID badges, which makes them much easier to keep track of than a key-fob token. In addition, the platform supports a wide array of authenticators that, in the future, can help us secure a variety of applications that also house sensitive patient information.”

Rick Allen, IT director at Gwinnett Medical Center


"In the end, it came down to what was best for our customers. Time and time again, Entrust has proven that grid cards are affordable, simple to use and openly accepted by end-users. This implementation will provide our customers much-needed peace of mind during a time when online identity fraud is so commonplace."

Jeff Theiler, Senior Vice President, Payment Services at Hancock Bank

"Adding a time-based token to our arsenal gives us even more flexibility to choose the appropriate authentication mechanism for different users. The best part is that we can issue tokens to users who, by the nature of the information they need to access, must have a stronger level of authentication while offering more appropriate options to a broader audience, all from the same authentication platform."

John Millican, Chief Information Security Officer at Hotwire

"Entrust has added energy conservation leadership to their considerable list of successes. "They’ve shown that innovation in energy conservation and innovative product development are a winning combination."

Rosemarie Leclair, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hydro Ottawa Group of Companies


"Our deployment of Extended Validation SSL certificates demonstrates our commitment to security — both for our consumers and business partners — and signifies our dedication to provide a safe, secure online portal for e-commerce. EV SSL certificates will help increase confidence in our online channel and will notify potential customers that conducting secure online transactions with our site is a simple, easy-to-understand process."

S. Gokulkrishnan, Chief Technology Officer at

"We believe Entrust TruePass offers IDX users a flexible, easy-to-use alternative to hardware tokens that will drive a greater return on investment. As a result, Entrust TruePass will become the Web-based method by which we authenticate end users and eventually provide digital signatures to electronic documents."

Tim Cornish, Manager of Information Services, IDX

"What we really desired was a proven, affordable solution that could authenticate users — employees, suppliers and customers — with different roles to varying applications. Grid cards were the simple, cost-effective answer to replace high-priced tokens, which lacked the versatility we required. In the end, it was the easy, affordable choice that best fit the needs of our users and organization."

"Entrust IdentityGuard's ability to grant external contractors time-limited grid cards provides unique flexibility and allows more frequent maintenance operations. This is a tremendous benefit to ISS business as internal resources are less solicited, drastically reducing operating and travel expenses."

ISS architecture manager Thierry Issindou.


"At Kotak Securities, we understand the importance of safeguarding the investments of our customers; and that is precisely what a trusted security expert, such as Entrust will do, to boost the confidence of our customers and instill trust in our brand."

Mr. D. Kannan, Executive Director, Kotak Securities Ltd

"Scalability and performance were important given the number of customers we expect to use the Website. Entrust was able to demonstrate the success of its access control software in other large enterprise businesses, including telecommunications and banking."

Arnold Hoogerwerf, technology manager from KPN


"For Land Registry to generate operational efficiency gains, it was vital for us to drive more applications through the Land Registry Direct web portal. With the rise in online fraud, internet security concerns could count as a factor in deterring customers from using online services. We required an identity and access management system to provide assurance to customers that their personal records and details remain private and secure from the prying eyes of unauthorised users. Entrust presented us with a solution that is robust and highly scalable. These capabilities will allow us to support a growing number of online users as demand for Land Registry Direct increases."

Brian Barrett, e-Services Business Manager for Land Registry

"It is essential that Lloyds TSB offer customers the same levels of trust and peace of mind that they expect from more traditional banking methods, while also providing speed and flexibility of access with added online banking functionality. The proven Entrust security infrastructure and the additional access security provided by the smart-card system, will provide the security required with the flexibility and scalability to enable Lloyds TSB to develop ‘key online banking’ into the future."

Dave Callington, manager, key online banking, Lloyds TSB


"The Ministry of Economic Development is focused on improving government performance through the appropriate use of technology. A key business requirement is to deliver day-to-day business applications in a secure manner to the end user wherever they may be. This concept facilitates not only the ability to work remotely but also provides a level of business continuity to the Ministry. To help accomplish these goals, we required two-factor authentication in order to provide secure remote access via the Web for all of our employees. Entrust IdentityGuard was the most cost-effective solution for delivering this security capability."

"The Entrust solution is a fraction of the cost of our previous token solution, RSA SecurID®. As a result, instead of reaching just a subset of employees, we can deploy two-factor authentication across our entire agency,"

Stephen Isaacs, Senior IT Architect at the Ministry of Economic Development of New Zealand


"We needed strong PKI technology with good support and a technically sound team to use the solution on a sustainable basis."

Mr. Girdhar Varliani, General Manager, (n)Code Solutions


"Protecting citizens’ confidential information online is of paramount concern to us. Our online services are now even more secure with Entrust EV SSL certificates, and citizens can be confident that transactions conducted online with Oakland County are protected."

L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive

Ocean Systems, Inc.


"With regulatory and customer confidence pressure to bolster security with multifactor authentication, our customers are thirsty for solutions that give them a wide range of choices while not requiring integration into their back end applications. Entrust IdentityGuard is cost-effective, versatile, as well as easy to deploy and use — traits attractive to our company, clientele and their customers."

Juan Mendoza, President, Ocean Systems, Inc.


"Our decision to leverage Entrust’s solutions to secure the Lab’s security infrastructure was premised on the Department of Energy’s objective of establishing a secure e-services platform between DOE agencies, partners and other Federal government departments. We wanted a solution that could satisfy our in-house security requirements, but could also scale up and interact seamlessly with other applications and business units outside of our walls as this vision becomes a reality."

John McCoy, program manager at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"Trust and confidence — for our customers, for employees, for our partners — is paramount to us. We understand the current security landscape and want to face that challenge head-on with a comprehensive, full-featured platform of products. Not only are Entrust’s solutions more cost-effective than other vendors, but their reputation as a trusted security leader only confirmed our decision."

Vas Rajan, CISO Philadelphia Insurance

"The sensitive information of our customers, as well as our own intellectual property, is one of our most valuable assets. Understanding the need to protect these identities and information, the Hong Kong branch of PT Bank Mandiri sought easy-to-use solutions that would help authenticate users and encrypt vital files, folders or networks. Entrust offered a complete package that could be implemented seamlessly within our existing environment."

Richard Yiu, MIS manager, PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk

"The majority of our customers collaborate on sensitive files or folders on a daily basis. The operational challenge of securing this information, without negatively impacting efficiency, was of utmost concern. With this innovative network folder encryption solution, we not only secure their key data and intellectual property, but we do so in a cost-efficient, non-invasive manner. It’s an invaluable tool."

Eric Ren, General Manager, PXInfosec


"The Government of Slovenia began issuing e-passports in August 2006 and is rapidly incorporating EAC into our systems and processes. We are happy to have the assistance of S&T Slovenija and Entrust in this effort as we increase the security of e-passports for our citizens."

Vladimir Logofetov, Secretary, Information Services Division, Interior Ministry of Slovenia.

"Our citizens and business partners want to conduct business with their government securely and efficiently, so building out a trusted environment was a critical step to underpin our growth as an e-government leader. Entrust serves as a trusted advisor to many countries that have developed successful e-government models and we wanted to partner with a security leader with that level of experience. The integration expertise of S&T Slovenija helped these projects move quickly to meet our objectives."

Dusan Kricej, Deputy Director General at the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration

"Entrust proved to be an invaluable partner and advisor during our implementation of the first phase of ePassports in 2006; leveraging their expertise for our second-generation transition was an easy decision. Entrust is a leader in the public key infrastructure (PKI) technology that helps strengthen and secure the foundation of our ePassport environment, and we’re eager to realize the capabilities of this second-generation ePassport standard."

Dusan Kricej, Deputy Director General at the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration


"The Entrust solution was by far the most flexible and user-friendly solution that we considered … I would estimate that moving to an SMS OTP approach substantially reduced our costs, somewhere in the region of £100k per year."

William Hewish, Chief Technology Officer at Severn Trent Water

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"The transition to Entrust IdentityGuard’s grid-based authentication solution was seamless and very easy for our end-users. The grid cards are easy to produce and distribute to our various branches across the world, making this an extremely attractive option when searching for alternative authentication options."

Thomas Keisu, IT Security Manager at Skanska

"The implementation of the electronic National Identity Card will provide all the elements to more securely identify Spanish citizens, and provide a user- friendly process to carry out procedures that require a digital signature. As a leader in securing governments world-wide, Entrust was the natural choice for this effort."

SIA Group Chief Executive Officer Enrique Palomares

SILA Communications

"SILA Communications understands the tremendous advantages for both business customers and consumers alike in having up-to-the minute access to news and information via wireless devices. The pace of today’s global economy demands that decisions be made at the touch of a button, and secure access to wireless information and services will increase the speed and confidence with which customers can make critical and informed choices both in business and at leisure. Entrust is providing the products and services that will give customers the confidence to make transactions online and from mobile devices."

Bo Kroll, CEO of SILA Communications

"Not only did we save money by dropping our high-priced hardware tokens, we did so with an authenticator that is easy to use, simple to deploy and concurrently enables secure access to our corporate resources, applications and intellectual property. The Entrust IdentityGuard platform is an efficient, cost-effective solution that has helped enable us to meet today’s security challenges while also keeping an eye on future business needs as we evolve."

Didier Lajarrige, IT manager at Societe Generale

"We chose Entrust because they are able to provide a scalable technology solution for our requirements now and in the future. Entrust very rapidly grasped the complexity of our requirements, responding quickly and efficiently to our requests. It has a good understanding of the way E-Government initiatives work, having worked with the top E-Governments worldwide."

Sean Dawtry, SmartPath Programme Manager for Southampton City Council

Southwest Border States Anti-Drug Information System

"Since this project crosses jurisdictional lines, we needed a proven technology that everyone agreed was secure enough to protect highly sensitive information. We chose Entrust because they provided the best-of-breed technology and the flexibility required to bridge our participants’ disparate systems."

Glen Gillum, Director, Criminal Information Sharing Alliance, on Southwest Border States Anti-Drug Information System (SWBSADIS) implementation of Digital Signatures Technology

"We looked at a number of strong authentication solutions, but eventually it came down to the affordability and flexibility of Entrust’s authentication platform. While our current needs require a proven two-factor authentication solution to secure remote access, we also wanted the capability to leverage other methods of authentication as the business continues to grow and our environment evolves."

Sulake security director Markku Kaskenmaa

"And while the cost-savings were the key differentiators, the versatility of Entrust IdentityGuard to solve future security challenges … will help meet authentication requirements as our business grows."

Rod Lefever, SVP and Chief Technology Officer at Susquehanna Bancshares.


"The GetAccess solution from Entrust Technologies delivers uncompromising security and the availability required to establish fast, responsive and personalized service to millions of customers. Entrust’s proven expertise in deploying large scale portals has been a tremendous asset in helping us to deliver services within compressed timeframes."

Jan Rudberg, Executive Vice President, Head of People Solutions Business Area, Telia

"Teranet has successfully become the world’s first secure electronic registration authority that specializes in land registry information. Security is very important for our solution and our partnership with Entrust provides the comprehensive digital identity and information security capabilities to meet our requirements. The achievement of the one-millionth document registration milestone demonstrates that our system is a proven success."

Charles De Peri, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development of Teranet

"Our long term goal was to have a security solution that would integrate with an all-campus information repository. With this seamless combination from Entrust, we didn’t have to wait long to get everything integrated and running smoothly for our students and faculty. The best part is that they don’t have to worry about securing themselves. Entrust technology has helped take care of that."

Associate Professor Katsuyoshi Iida, Ph.D., Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, Tokyo Tech


"Secure communication within the department’s dozen bureaus is essential, especially today. We needed a security infrastructure that would allow us to safely share critical information among our staff without compromising performance. We now have the full complement of security solutions to protect vital documents and information across bureaus while providing authentication, digital signature and enhanced encryption capabilities for any application."

Mayi Canales, former US Dept. of Treasury CIO

"Universa required the ability to secure resources and access with a strong, respected authentication platform. The primary goal was to enable secure access without sacrificing security and the integrity of our sensitive information and intellectual property. This implementation allowed us to address those goals with a simple-to-use, easy-to manage solution."

Christian Knauer, IT manager, Universa


"We explored a lot of options when it came to strong authentication – time synchronous tokens, USB tokens and others, but they were very expensive with some hardware compatibility issues and would not be very convenient for our workers to use. The Entrust IdentityGuard grid authentication mechanism suited us well because it was very low cost, had very flexible architecture, working as an authentication platform for our integrational needs. We could print grid cards for each workplace and activate them when needed."

Lars Hillerup, IT Security manager, Vejle Amt


"But the real value for us was being able to displace a high-priced vendor for strong authentication with a solution that is more affordable, customizable to our needs and simple for our customers and partners to use."

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