Tools 4 Data, LLC

Tools 4 Data, LLC is a technology solutions provider for SMBs. We support servers and PCs, laptops and mobile devices with a dedicated help desk with full remote access.

Thomas Stanford Cyberhub Ltd.

An MSP that partners with leading industry specialists, including Entrust and Barracuda. We provide managed services to protect businesses.


Multicard designs, builds, installs and supports open standards-based ID systems. Contact us for Photo ID, Door Access, Emergency Management, Campus OneCard, and more.

Wesentra Ltd

Wesentra provides Entrust SSL/TLS certificates and services to Enterprise customers and Resellers. In addition to Finnish companies we have global organizations as customers.

Security Solutions Consultants Srl

SSC Srl is a business process & technology services provider and integrator, able to cover all aspects of a solution, from PKI design and archit. through to application integration


CODIC Computer Services is a young and dynamic company that specializes in providing information protection solutions and content security. Desde el año 1998 hemos crecido en forma constante, basados en mantener una relación a largo plazo con nuestros clientes, colaborando en la optimización de sus recursos y aportando conocimiento técnico de alto nivel, una característica distintiva de la empresa. Since 1998 we have grown steadily, based on maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers, collaborating on optimizing resources and providing high-level technical knowledge, a hallmark of the company.

Xmart Solutions

We work to protect and manage operational risks to critical assets, through the optimization of strategies: identification, prevention, detection and response to technological failures for business continuity.

Sytec Ltd

Sytec provides reliable and cost effective IT support; founded by Gareth Brown in 1993, becoming a limited company in July 2000 and today helping businesses to get the most out of their technology. Over the years we have taken responsibility for many organisations’ IT systems, allowing managers to concentrate on their business. We help to identify and minimise the hidden costs of technology and ineffective processes.