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Explore some of the markets where our solutions are deployed.

Customers from a wide range of markets deploy Entrust Datacard™ solutions to enable secure transactions, improve service levels, protect networks and create trusted environments where people can work, travel, learn and transact.

  • Financial
    Financial institutions, retailers and other consumer marketers are looking to engage consumers, build their brands and expand market share. EXPLORE MORE navigate_next
  • Corporate
    Entrust Datacard can show you how to make your enterprise more resilient to breaches, hacks, theft and other threats. EXPLORE MORE navigate_next
  • Education
    Entrust Datacard's student and staff ID solutions help create secure learning environments. EXPLORE MORE navigate_next
  • Government
    We provide secure identification solutions for various IDs, travel documents, driver’s licenses, and e-government applications. EXPLORE MORE navigate_next
  • HealthCare
    Entrust Datacard is creating identity-based healthcare solutions to help in fighting against fraud and improving patient service levels. EXPLORE MORE navigate_next
  • Retail
    Retailers around the world trust Entrust Datacard to create highly successful card programs. EXPLORE MORE navigate_next
  • Transit
    Entrust Datacard can show you how to build collaborative solutions to improve ridership and customer satisfaction. EXPLORE MORE navigate_next
  • Loyalty and Memberships
    Effective customer loyalty and membership card programs convert first-time visitors into full-time advocates. EXPLORE MORE navigate_next
  • Telecommunications
    Reduce costs, adapt to new technologies and stay competitive in a rapidly expanding telecommunications market. EXPLORE MORE navigate_next