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Entrust® IdentityGuard Virtual Appliance - Easy-to-Deploy, Turnkey Authentication Solution

By Entrust Datacard
April 20, 2016
Entrust Datacard introduced the company’s newest authentication solution, Entrust® IdentityGuard Virtual Appliance. The packaged, turnkey, two-factor authentication solution enables organizations to defend against these cyberattacks while empowering and increasing productivity for their IT departments. 

5 Last-Minute Security Steps Retailers Can Take Right Now

By Entrust Datacard
December 09, 2015
Here are five quick ways retailers can improve cybersecurity:  Install EMV card readers, Use two-factor authentication for POS terminals, Protect the mobile POS, Secure the online store, Patch everything.

It's a Tough Road For Businesses That Don't Protect Their Identities

By Entrust Datacard
April 16, 2014
The cybersphere is not kind to companies that don't take measures to protect themselves -- and their customers -- from attack. A recently released infographic from Imprima does not paint a pretty picture of the state of enterprise security. Businesses have the power to prevent themselves from getting breached. One of the answers lies in identity-guarding options like two-factor authentication, which functions to ensures only authorizes users are accessing company networks, applications, servers and more. Entrust experts say there is no telling when a malicious force will try to breach a company. But when it happens, the smart play is to be prepared.
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