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New Study Finds Ransomware Top Security Concern For IT Pros

By Entrust Datacard
October 15, 2014
Entrust Datacard reports that a recent survey conducted by IT professional network Spiceworks has found that ransomware is a growing concern with the cybersecurity community. While the current threat landscape is giving IT professionals lots to worry about, ransomware appears to be the biggest problem at the moment. The study found that 88 percent of respondents had concerns about ransomware, and one-third of participants had already suffered an attack, IT Pro Portal reported.

Ransomware: Avoiding Nefarious CryptoLocker, Reveton Malware

By Entrust Datacard
November 04, 2013
Imagine this frightening scenario: You attempt to log on to your computer, but instead of seeing the normal login gateway meant for entering credentials, you see a black screen with the words “YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN LOCKED.”
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