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Managing Mobile Devices with Digital Certificates

By Samantha Mabey
November 15, 2019

Mobile Devices Empower Customers in Fight Against Fraud

By Entrust Datacard
March 22, 2013
I just read an interesting court ruling on an online-banking fraud case where a federal court ruled in favor of the bank. Long story short, Choice Escrow Land Title had $440,000 stolen from their accounts about three years ago via fraudulent wire transfers.

How to Enhance Mobile Security in Health Care Organizations

By Entrust Datacard
May 11, 2016
In late 2014, the HIMSS Analytics Mobile Devices Study found that around 50 percent of hospitals and nearly 70 percent of clinicians were using mobile devices to access electronic health records and other data, or to remotely serve patients. In early 2016, it's not unlikely that this number has increased

Mobile Device Security Is Increasingly Important For Businesses

By Entrust Datacard
May 12, 2015
Securing computers in a company network should definitely be a priority for businesses of all types and sizes. But there's another element of the enterprise network that can't be overlooked: mobile devices. As companies make strides toward greater mobility — with employees increasingly logging in remotely and completing a mounting number of work-related tasks on mobile devices — the need to protect these mobile mechanisms becomes particularly acute.

Countdown to VMworld

By Kathleen Nolan
August 21, 2017
At VMworld, Entrust Datacard will present our authentication, mobile derived PIV credential and PKI solutions as well as demonstrate our joint solution with VMware that enable users to authenticate for secure access to sensitive information and applications from mobile devices.

Enterprise Authentication Comes to the Cloud: Introducing Our Newest Solution, IntelliTrust

By Mike Byrnes
July 19, 2017
IntelliTrust brings the best possible security of smart credentials from the on-premise world of management to mobile devices and the cloud without the complexities of building or managing its infrastructure. 

We put a Smart Card inside a mobile device

By Mike Moir
August 21, 2018
Mobile devices have empowered users and become an integral part of our daily lives. And behind the scenes, customization around apps, operating systems and device formats have been created to match every preference — for us — the users. 

Leveraging the Mobile Platform for Multi-Factor Authentication

By Entrust Datacard
January 13, 2016
Last week, Jason Soroko, manager, security technologies for Entrust Datacard was featured by SecureID News as part of their 2016 expert panel. In his article, Jason talked about the importance of multi-factor authentication and how mobile devices are playing a critical role in multi-factor authentication. 

Mobile and Security - No Longer Mutually Exclusive

By Entrust Datacard
April 02, 2013
In December, Entrust and Forrester began work on a Technology Adoption Profile (TAP) whitepaper centering on mobile. As organizations have begun to accept the inevitable — the eventuality of mobile devices permeating networks and infrastructures — they are looking to address mobile security as a whole and not as siloed device types (e.g., corporate- and employee-owned).

Which Mobile Device Do I Trust?

By Entrust Datacard
August 06, 2013
Whether it’s through the constant use of passwords, answering security questions online or verifying an address over the phone, most people understand the importance of authenticating identities. But this theory also is critical to verify the identities of mobile devices connecting and interacting with a secure network.
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