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On TAP with the Technology Alliance Program – October 2016

By Kathleen Nolan
October 28, 2016
The Entrust Datacard Technology Alliance program fosters partnerships with other leading organizations to provide customers simple, powerful solutions that address real business challenges.  Four Technology Alliance Program companies were in the news recently – BlackBerry, MobileIron, Mobile Innovations and Safran Identity & Security. 

Ensuring a Trusted Ecosystem in Automotive IoT

By Jason Soroko
November 15, 2016
Part 1 of a two-part blog on Identity as a Basis to Mitigate Risk. Connected Cars: Trend Towards Innovation by Entrust Datacard. 

Ensuring a Trusted Ecosystem in Automotive IoT, Part 2

By Jason Soroko
November 22, 2016
Part 2 of a two-part blog on Identity as a Basis to Mitigate Risk. Connected Cars: Trend Towards Innovation by Entrust Datacard. 

Entrust Datacard: Celebrating 50 years of innovation

By Todd Wilkinson
August 08, 2019
Since our earliest days, Entrust Datacard has contributed to an identity and payments ecosystem that enables seamless, secure interactions.

Entrust at RSA: Secure Mobile, Leverage Mobile

By Entrust Datacard
February 26, 2013
Entrust product marketing manager Mike Byrnes explores the innovation in mobile security and identities during RSA Conference 2013 at the Moscone Center.

Turning the Turnstile Mobile: The Big Impact of Mobile Payments on Public Transit

By Entrust Datacard
February 12, 2013
As major retailers and brands such as Starbucks grab international headlines for introducing innovative solutions for mobile wallets, much of the early innovation has actually been quietly happening within the public transportation space, from Chicago to Seoul and all points in between.

CARTES America: Effective EMV Migration by Financial Issuers through Instant Issuance

By Entrust Datacard
April 03, 2013
As the financial industry experiences major change — including the adjustments the recent announcements to accelerate EMV chip migration in the U.S. by 2015 – banks are being forced to re-evaluate their business strategies to minimize costs and increase efficiencies and innovations in their card operations.

3 Innovations to Transform Your Card Delivery Program

By Entrust Datacard
January 07, 2013
Gone are the days when consumers expected generic card mailings with no personalization tied to the carrier or the card.

Top Cybersecurity Trends to Expect in 2016

By Entrust Datacard
December 28, 2015
The progression of cybersecurity mostly occurs in step with the continued evolution of technology in order to ensure that every innovation is as secure as it is functional. As time passes, the level of complexity of information and communication technology continues to introduce new vulnerabilities, presenting cybersecurity professionals with unique challenges. Let's take a look at some of the top cybersecurity trends that lie in wait in 2016.

Public-Key Solves Half of the Key Distribution Problem

By Tim Moses
February 04, 2015
As part of our ongoing celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), we’re looking back in a four-part series on the pioneers, processes and events that have shaped this ever-evolving technology. In part one, we traced the early history of PKI and highlighted some of the challenges that led to important technological innovations. Today we look back at how managing symmetric keys in the 1970’s was proving problematic – and how key players forged new solutions for a growing need.
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