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Building Your Digital DNA: PKI and Cryptographic Disruptors

By Sandra Carielli
October 20, 2016
Researchers have demonstrated several vulnerabilities in MD5. The IETF has prohibited RC4 for use in TLS. More recently, you may have dealt with the impact of SHA-1 being removed as an acceptable algorithm in many standards, including PCI and CAB Forum, according to Entrust Datacard. 

Building Your Digital DNA: PKI and the Identity Evolution

By Sandra Carielli
September 29, 2016
n its study Why Digital Business Needs a New Approach to Information Security, IDG noted that organizations still focus most often on traditional user-centric use cases like remote access (67 percent of respondents), compliance (67 percent) and privileged access (64 percent); however, they are starting to pay attention to identity issues around mobile devices (50 percent), connected systems (60 percent) and application to application communications (45 percent). What does the shift to “non-human” identities mean for organizations?
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