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Digital Certificates


Throughout this blog I appear to use (or misuse) the terms SSL, TLS and HTTPS interchangeably. From time to time I catch myself and say, “Which one should I be using?” Frankly, my default is to use SSL. When I reference an article or site, I do tend to side with the term it prefers. So what’s the difference?
Digital Certificates

Recent Attack Underscores Need for EV SSL/TLS Certificates

EV certificates display the site owner’s name in the browser status bar. This assures website visitors that the website is authentic and that they are on the intended site. This unique status bar is only displayed for brand’s protected with an EV certificate. They are designed specifically to mitigate attacks by letting users know the website can be trusted.

TLS/SSL Comprehensive History

Security is one driving factor in the evolution of technology.  Here’s a timeline showing how the history of SSL/TLS and PKI advanced as security needs increased since its introduction in 1995. The timeline was created by Ivan Ristić of Feisty Duck, who has done a fantastic job of documenting SSL/TLS and PKI history. 

Updated SSL/TLS Deployment Best Practices

Lucky Thirteen TLS Attack

RC4 Attack in SSL/TLS

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