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SHA-1 Deprecation, On to SHA-2

By Bruce Morton
December 09, 2013
We have previously reviewed implementation of SHA-2, but with Bruce Schneier stating the need to migrate away from SHA-1 and the SHA-1 deprecation policy from Microsoft, the industry must start to make some progress in 2014.

Keep Moving to SHA-2 — Leading Browsers Fast Track SHA-1 Deprecation

By Bruce Morton
December 02, 2015
Research indicates that SHA-1 signed SSL/TLS certificates face increasing vulnerabilities forcing leading browsers to reconsider how long they will support this technology. This blog outlines dates around the phasing out of SHA-1.

SHA-1 Deprecation Update – Not Chrome 41, but Chrome 42

By Bruce Morton
March 13, 2015
Chrome 41 was released on March 3, 2015. You may have noticed, Chrome 41 did not have a change to treat certificate chains using SHA-1 valid past January 1, 2017 to be affirmatively insecure.
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