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3 Results for 'Not secure'

Chrome Will Show Not Secure for all HTTP Sites Starting July 2018

By Bruce Morton
March 09, 2018
In Chrome 68, which will be released in July 2018, we can expect "Not secure" to be provided for all HTTP pages.

Coming Soon: More “Not secure” Browser Warnings

By Bruce Morton
September 22, 2017
With an anticipated release date of October 17, 2017, domain owners still have a few weeks to encrypt any sites that should be protected that might otherwise prevent users from entering their website. 

Chrome to Show HTTP Sites as Not Secure

By Bruce Morton
September 09, 2016
Google will soon be issuing a stronger warning to visitors who navigate to a website that does not have the protection of an SSL/TLS certificate. With the release of Chrome 53 on Windows, Google has changed the trust indications to introduce the circle-i. 
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