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Firefox to Block Mixed Content

By Bruce Morton
May 02, 2013
Congratulations, Mozilla, on your plan to release Firefox 23 that will block mixed content. Website owners who have mixed-content pages will surely be impacted and should make changes. Along with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera already block mixed content. This means the users of the site will get trust warnings or the browser’s security indication (i.e., lock icon) may not be present.

Online SSL Tools

By Bruce Morton
September 14, 2010
So you’ve gone to the trouble of buying and installing an SSL certificate. How do know you installed it properly? Some would just test the site by trying it with their browser. The problem is that Internet Explorer and Firefox validate the certificate path differently. Firefox will install an intermediate certificate while IE doesn’t. IE validates the shortest path, while Firefox validates the full path. There are other desktop browsers such as Opera, Safari, and Chrome and then the mobile browsers. The best thing to do is to use an OpenSSL based tool to do your checking.
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