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Deploying a Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution with OT and IT

By Entrust Datacard
August 05, 2013
Apart from one another, information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are two separate entities that perform different functions. But together, they make up the backbone of a nation’s security and economic stability—both in the private and public sectors.

5 Critical Steps Power Plants Can Take To Guarantee NERC Compliance

By Entrust Datacard
June 10, 2015
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection standards are the guiding set of principles by which U.S. power companies must abide. In its mission statement, NERC describes its function as assuring "the reliability of the bulk power system in North America." Its industry standards, therefore, are an effort to maintain this reliability - and hold those who threaten it accountable. 

Airports, Other Critical Infrastructure Present Lucrative Attacker Target

By Entrust Datacard
July 16, 2014
The issue airport breach points have begun to point to a greater need for enhanced data security. The need for critical infrastructure protection came into stark focus with the recent news that 75 airports fell victim to malicious intruders. This large-scale attack calls much-needed attention to the necessity of firming up cyber security in places like these. 
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