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ioTrust™ Security Solutions

Connecting at CES 2017

One of Entrust Datacard's strategic partners, HARMAN International, presenting on IoTrust at CES 2017. The IoTrust solution is designed to securely enable convergence between enterprise IT and operational technologies (OT) and help transform physical entities to digital assets, extending the value of core business. By partnering with HARMAN International we are combining a unique mix of disciplines to bring to market solutions that are secured by design to unlock the value of digital business.

Bad Actors Catalyst Behind New Standards for Code Signing

Code Signing is a cryptographic process to digitally sign executables and scripts. The signature confirms the software author or publisher’s identity, and provides integrity by guarantying the software has not been altered since it was signed. Minimum Requirements for Code Signing will increase Internet security by setting a new bar to prevent private keys from being compromised. The requirements will also provide a better mechanism to have code signing certificates revoked limiting the proliferation of malware. The result will benefit application software suppliers, online businesses, and of course, software users globally.

It’s tough to make predictions…

Cryptographic experts have speculated over whether and when the quantum computer needed to execute the eponymous algorithm on numbers of the size used in present-day public-key crypto-systems will become a reality.  If and when it happens, the implications for much of the information security business will be profound.

Trusted identities and the Impact of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

A significant event will take place next year when a new data protection regime comes into force in Europe, replacing its 20-year-old predecessor. The new regime is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
Digital DNA

Digital Business is Here – Is Your Trust Infrastructure Ready?

If you’re looking for a stronger PKI solution, we’ve made some important product enhancements that simplify scaling up for digital business, deployment and management, and reduce your total cost of ownership.
Digital Certificates

How Browser Security Indicators Can Protect You from Phishing

Using an EV certificate to encrypt and identity a website like prevents scammers from duplicating the PayPal site for a different domain and making it all look the same – the real and the fake login pages will have different UIs.

Airports, Other Critical Infrastructure Present Lucrative Attacker Target

The issue airport breach points have begun to point to a greater need for enhanced data security. The need for critical infrastructure protection came into stark focus with the recent news that 75 airports fell victim to malicious intruders. This large-scale attack calls much-needed attention to the necessity of firming up cyber security in places like these. 

More Breaches? How to Ensure Cardholder Protection

While breaches occur frequently within multiple industries, the buzz from recent events is getting attention at the highest levels. How do banks and merchants continue to service customers, while balancing security and convenience? Entrust Datacard outlines some steps below to help banks streamline efficiencies and better prepare for breaches.

Study: Data Security Awareness High, Actual Security Low

A newly released report from Entrust Datacard on the preparedness of enterprises to deal with a data breach has found that awareness of data security is the highest it's ever been and more companies are instituting breach response plans to mitigate the effects of a cyberattack. Conducted by the Ponemon Institute and information services group Experian, the study found that 48 percent of organizations have increased their security technology investments in the last year and 73 percent instituted a data breach response plan during that same time.

Critical Infrastructure Industries Get Serious About Cybersecurity

According to Entrust Datacard, the growing cybersecurity threat to infrastructure has been on the government's radar for some time now. During a cybersecurity summit last year, former assistant defense secretary for Homeland Defense and America's Security Affairs Dr. Paul Stockton warned that a successful attack against a computer network connected to the power grid could cause the critical lifeline infrastructure to fail if the attack persisted long enough, disrupting hospitals, transportation and distribution of goods.
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