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Entrust at RSA: Advanced Authentication for CJIS Compliance

By Entrust Datacard
February 28, 2013
While this topic may not directly impact everyone, the policy and technology being implemented in law enforcement could provide blueprints for other industries or verticals to leverage advanced authentication solutions for properly verifying all manners of digital and device identities.

Entrust at RSA: The Week Ahead

By Entrust Datacard
February 26, 2013
Entrust’s gearing up for a big, big week. Our go-to guys will focus on four key security areas: cloud, mobility, malware and CJIS compliance.

How Law Enforcement Can Guarantee CJIS Compliance

By Entrust Datacard
June 22, 2015
Intelligence is perhaps the single greatest tool in the fight against crime. Look at any major criminal incident brought to justice and you can be almost certain outside intelligence played a pivotal role. In the wake of the Boston marathon bombing tragedy in 2013, for example, FBI agents used intelligence in the form of on-the-scene interviews and reviews of surveillance footage to swiftly release photos of the suspects to the public.
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