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3 Results for 'CAA'

By Bruce Morton

March 16, 2017

Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) allows a domain owner to specify in their DNS or DNSSec which Certification Authority (CA) is authorized to issue certificates to their domain. The new CAA policy has now been defined by the CA/Browser forum and is scheduled to take effect September 8, 2017. CAA may be the best way to protect domain owners from having fraudulent certificates issued in their domain name. This has become increasingly important with the proliferation of unauthorized DV certificates.

By Entrust Datacard

September 05, 2017

Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) is a method for a domain owner to permit one or more certification authorities (CAs) to issue SSL/TLS certificates using their domain name.

By Bruce Morton

January 17, 2017

Vulnerabilities, Requirements for Code Signing Certificate, Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) Standards
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