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11 Results for 'Brand'

How Can I Protect My Brand TLD?

By Bruce Morton
November 27, 2017
A Brand TLD allows companies such as Ford to have domains ending with .ford, Netflix to have .netflix and Google to have .youtube. A Brand TLD allows the company to communicate its brand through the URL. It also enables the company to control policy and security for the whole TLD.  

Create a Brand-Building Human Connection with Card Holders

By Dan Good
July 30, 2018
To improve metrics with existing cardholders, leverage the main branding platforms you already have in place — your cards and your mailings.

Embrace the Power of Partnership with Entrust Datacard

By Entrust Datacard
April 26, 2016
PartnerPlus, the brand new PartnerPlus program from Entrust Datacard, offers a new tiered member structure based on the partner’s business model and customers they serve. PartnerPlus is designed to support partners based on their core competencies, business models, products and services offered, as well as areas of expertise for regional and market needs. Combining the best of Entrust and Datacard’s previous channel partner programs, learn more about the benefits.

Turning the Turnstile Mobile: The Big Impact of Mobile Payments on Public Transit

By Entrust Datacard
February 12, 2013
As major retailers and brands such as Starbucks grab international headlines for introducing innovative solutions for mobile wallets, much of the early innovation has actually been quietly happening within the public transportation space, from Chicago to Seoul and all points in between.

CARTES Paris Day 2 Recap

By Entrust Datacard
November 06, 2014
Comprehensive recap by Entrust Datacard on day 2 of CARTES Paris 2014 where our new corporate brand identity was presented by Todd Wilkinson, CEO of Entrust Datacard.

Custom Card Printing Links Customization to Brand Loyalty

By Alyssa Arredondo
August 30, 2018
Technology gives card marketers the ability to capitalize on the growing demand for customization. 

Welcome To The New Entrust Datacard

By Entrust Datacard
November 04, 2014
Welcome to the new Entrust Datacard. Entrust and Datacard Group are combining decades of experience to provide trusted identities and secure transactions under one brand and debuted a new company name, logo and corporate brand identity. “The world is changing — it’s more connected, more mobile and more empowered than ever,” said Entrust Datacard CEO Todd Wilkinson. “Our new brand and corporate identity is a reflection of this evolution and the changing markets we serve. Visit the new www.entrustdatacard.comnt

Don’t Ruin Your Reputation – Insights on Enabling and Securing Your Digital Business

February 15, 2018
Your digital business strategy is no longer “set it and forget it.” Today’s brands must have a transparent, layered security approach that includes both evaluating the risk of the device and the identity of the purchaser.

Recent Attack Underscores Need for EV SSL/TLS Certificates

By Bruce Morton
April 17, 2017
EV certificates display the site owner’s name in the browser status bar. This assures website visitors that the website is authentic and that they are on the intended site. This unique status bar is only displayed for brand’s protected with an EV certificate. They are designed specifically to mitigate attacks by letting users know the website can be trusted.

Personalization matters, especially to Gen Y and Gen Z consumers

October 10, 2017
In developed economies, more than 70% of people over the age of 18 carry at least one financial card. In fact, most of those consumers carry an average of 3.7 credit and debit cards. Card marketers will find that the key to brand engagement will be to deliver customization and personalized brand experiences. 
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