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Two Factor Authentication

Why the Future of Authentication Doesn’t Involve Passwords

Single authentication provided by passwords is no longer sufficient for keeping data and identities safe.

Strong authentication I can really have it all

Over the last few years, we have all seen what happens when IT professionals underestimate the risk of a data breach, and choose an authentication solution that is poorly suited to protecting sensitive information...

Countdown to VMworld

At VMworld, Entrust Datacard will present our authentication, mobile derived PIV credential and PKI solutions as well as demonstrate our joint solution with VMware that enable users to authenticate for secure access to sensitive information and applications from mobile devices.

What type of authentication is best for GDPR compliance?

The renewed focus on privacy prompted by the GDPR provides an opportunity for businesses to rethink how they interact with their users (whether employees, contractors, partners, or customers), pushing the needs of the user to the forefront.

Enterprise Authentication Comes to the Cloud: Introducing Our Newest Solution, IntelliTrust

IntelliTrust brings the best possible security of smart credentials from the on-premise world of management to mobile devices and the cloud without the complexities of building or managing its infrastructure. 
Digital DNA

New Report: Securing Your Business with PKI

As the system of policies, procedures and roles that provide and regulate digital signatures and public-key encryption, PKI is vital to ensuring proper authentication doesn’t fall in the wrong hands.

How to Do Digital Business Right

A successful digital business strategy requires security AND enablement. If you want to be bold, and offer innovative products, solutions and services, you need to make sure you start by mitigating risks. Establishing trust through digital identity and authentication with advanced capabilities will ensure that you provide a secure foundation for digital business success. And since analyst warn that up to 40 percent of all digital initiatives will fail due to mismanagement of identity-related requirements – we have outlined five fail-proof tactics you can do to increase your chances of digital success.

Grandma, what big eyes you have! I’m going to have to ask you for a retinal scan to confirm your identity…

Context based factors and behavioral analytics look at how a user is acting in the system, be it location, device fingerprint, typing patterns, touchscreen movements or other actions – if the user’s behavior deviates from their “normal behavior” enough, the system requests an additional (step up) authentication, just to confirm that the user is still who they claim to be. Applying context and behavioral analytics to authentication balances user convenience (the user doesn’t have to authenticate constantly) with security (but they do have to authenticate if something seems different). The classic challenge in integrating behavioral analytics with authentication is tuning.

Using Strong Authentication to Turn a Negative Experience to Positive

Entrust Datacard discusses how strong authentication and the instant issuance of payment cards can help take a negative experience and turn it to a positive one.

Choosing Your Trust Model: Policy and Other Public and Private Trust Considerations, Part 1

Public trust, private trust, or a combination of the two? What do the different options mean, and what are the considerations around each? In a public-key-based authentication system, the policy authority plays a critical role: it dictates the rules by which the system operates, and therefore, the level of assurance it achieves.
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