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Creating a Positive Customer Experience Post Data Breaches

Financial organizations can meet customer demands and turn an unfortunate situation into a positive customer experience by complementing instant issuance with central issuance and integrating robust software and card delivery solutions into their daily operations. Entrust offers in-depth information on mass issuance strategies that make the difference.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Mobile Wallet Strategy

Turning the Negative to Positive

Financial institutions globally are finding themselves victims of attacks and breaches which leave their customers vulnerable and in need of additional account security and a new payment card. The good news is that there are ways in which financial institutions can ensure that their customers’ accounts are protected and that they can also easily replace their payment card. 

Improving the Public Transit User Experience

Many public transit infrastructures around the world are in the midst of big technological upgrades. While some systems, such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York City or the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority in and around Philadelphia, still rely on plastic magnetic stripe cards (which are well-known for the frustrations they can cause their users) or tokens, many others have moved on to contactless cards.

Schools Can Step up Their Security Game With More Secure ID Cards

As hubs of research, academia and culture, colleges have been targets of hackers on more than one occasion in the past few years. In 2014, one university reported a data breach that exposed the personally identifiable information of hundreds of thousands of students and staff, dating back to 1998.

How Incorporating an Instant Issuance Solution can Drive Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Education opportunities are allowing financial institutions to empower the cardholder, provide cross-sell opportunities and move lower-value in-branch transactions to other channels. All of which provide the bank or credit union with higher customer service scores and additional revenue generating opportunities. To learn more about our instant issuance solutions, read more from Entrust Datacard. 

Reduce Bank Fraud with Identity-Based Security

In October 2015, the long-awaited "liability shift" from payment card issuers to merchants took effect in the U.S., which for years had been one of the last strongholds of magnetic stripe-only cards. This change meant that merchants without EMV technology built into their point-of-sale terminals became liable for fraud. 

And the Winner Is…

Recently, Entrust Datacard customer AllianceData, helped Caesar’s Entertainment implement a program for the instant issuance of its Total Rewards Visa credit card. The program was initially rolled-out at the Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas location and expanded in late 2015.

Creating a Secure, Friction-Free Digital Banking Experience

It has become more apparent, and more expected, that consumers have the ability to access and transact with their financial institution through any channel, at any time and based on individual needs and preferences. Mike Brynes, industry expert for Entrust Datacard, discusses how embracing new approaches to authentication, security can be greatly enhanced while streamlining the user experience. 

Ensuring Authenticity from Account Opening to Payment Card Issuance

Fraudulent transactions and account openings occurring at financial institutions across the country. Consumers are beginning to wonder if they can really rely on their banks to keep their financial best interest in mind. Financial institutions are wondering if they’re next. Everyone is wondering what they can do to protect themselves. Entrust Datacard takes a deeper dive into how financial institutions can transform the consumer experience by integrating various forms of authentication into their processes, workflows, offerings and solutions. 
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