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Understanding the Timing of the Quantum Threat

By Samantha Mabey
October 28, 2019
Learn how to prepare for the inevitable cybersecurity threat of quantum computing, as outlined by the Global Risk Institute’s “Quantum Threat Timeline Report.”

Entrust Datacard Selected as SC Media 2019 Excellence Award Finalist

January 04, 2019
Winners in the Excellence category are determined by an expert panel of judges with extensive knowledge and experience in the cybersecurity industry.

Major Browsers Coordinated on Deprecating TLS 1.0 and 1.1

By Bruce Morton
November 05, 2018
In an unprecedented move for the SSL/TLS ecosystem, the four major browsers have uniformly announced that they will deprecate TLS 1.0 and 1.1 starting in 2020.

It All Starts with Identity

By Rajan Barara
July 02, 2018
There are multiple authentication methods that can be used to verify the user’s identity when they are requesting access or verifying a transaction. So how do you define Identity and how does one get one? 

Entrust Datacard Supports the London Protocol

By Chris Bailey
June 27, 2018
The Certificate Authority Security Council (CASC) announced at the CA/Browser Forum event in London the launch of the London Protocol – an initiative to improve identity assurance and minimize the possibility of phishing activity on websites encrypted with organization validated (OV) and extended validation (EV) certificates, which contain organization identity information (Identity Certificates).

Apple Will Soon Require Certificate Transparency for All Public SSL/TLS Certificates

By Diana Gruhn
June 26, 2018
Apple will join leading browser Google Chrome in enforcing a Certificate Transparency policy for all public SSL/TLS certificates issued after October 15, 2018. Websites that have certificates that are out of compliance risk their users encountering trust errors.

Leopard Spots and Zebra Stripes: Big Data and Identity Management | Entrust Datacard

By Juan C. Asenjo | Thales eSecurity Global Partner Marketing
June 19, 2018
Big data analytics enables a new behavior-based authentication evolution for easier and more robust identity management. 

Leopard Spots and Zebra Stripes: Fraud and Behavioral Analytics

By Sandra Carielli
June 12, 2018
Big data analytics enables a new behavior-based authentication evolution for easier and more robust identity management. 

PSD2: Which door are you choosing?

By Jacquelyn Painter
May 17, 2018
PSD2 and open banking are forcing the banking sector to rethink their digital banking strategy. Banks and retailers are transitioning from being transaction-focused to becoming customer-centric. 
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