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Grandma, what big eyes you have! I’m going to have to ask you for a retinal scan to confirm your identity…

Context based factors and behavioral analytics look at how a user is acting in the system, be it location, device fingerprint, typing patterns, touchscreen movements or other actions – if the user’s behavior deviates from their “normal behavior” enough, the system requests an additional (step up) authentication, just to confirm that the user is still who they claim to be. Applying context and behavioral analytics to authentication balances user convenience (the user doesn’t have to authenticate constantly) with security (but they do have to authenticate if something seems different). The classic challenge in integrating behavioral analytics with authentication is tuning.

How to Do Digital Business Right

A successful digital business strategy requires security AND enablement. If you want to be bold, and offer innovative products, solutions and services, you need to make sure you start by mitigating risks. Establishing trust through digital identity and authentication with advanced capabilities will ensure that you provide a secure foundation for digital business success. And since analyst warn that up to 40 percent of all digital initiatives will fail due to mismanagement of identity-related requirements – we have outlined five fail-proof tactics you can do to increase your chances of digital success.

What type of authentication is best for GDPR compliance?

The renewed focus on privacy prompted by the GDPR provides an opportunity for businesses to rethink how they interact with their users (whether employees, contractors, partners, or customers), pushing the needs of the user to the forefront.

Trusted identities and the Impact of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

A significant event will take place next year when a new data protection regime comes into force in Europe, replacing its 20-year-old predecessor. The new regime is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Enterprise Authentication Comes to the Cloud: Introducing Our Newest Solution, IntelliTrust

IntelliTrust brings the best possible security of smart credentials from the on-premise world of management to mobile devices and the cloud without the complexities of building or managing its infrastructure. 
Mobile Authentication

What can the Equifax and other website breaches teach us about good security habits?

Are there good habits to help web developers build their web sites more securely?  Let’s consider some lessons learned from two recent website breaches.  

Airports, Other Critical Infrastructure Present Lucrative Attacker Target

The issue airport breach points have begun to point to a greater need for enhanced data security. The need for critical infrastructure protection came into stark focus with the recent news that 75 airports fell victim to malicious intruders. This large-scale attack calls much-needed attention to the necessity of firming up cyber security in places like these. 

Cybercriminals a Focus of 9/11 Commission's 10-year Report

An update from Entrust on the landscape of cybercrime activity, post 9/11 exploring the nature of current modern terroristic threats. Cybercrime has become so powerful that an attack of devastating magnitude — the Internet equivalent of 9/11 — could not be far off in the future. By implementing enterprise security measures, companies can take a big step toward firming up protection in an age when such defenses cannot be ignored.  

Internet of Things – Beware

Entrust is now moving into the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) in an attempt to attach uniquely identifiable devices to the existing Internet infrastructure. The connected devices will allow you to receive better information, control items and, simply, just do fun stuff.

New Banking Malware Poses Big Threat

When it comes to attacks on enterprise security, few are as powerful or fearsome as malware banking incursions. Because banks are where the real money lies, they also present one of the most lucrative targets for cyberattackers. As a newly emergent strain of banking malware proves, this threat is only becoming greater. Entrust digs deeper to uncover how these connections happen.
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