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Datacard Group wins BMA award for Secure Issuance Anywhere™ Campaign

Taking a Holistic Approach for Government ID Card Programs

Entrust's industry experts breaks down the common misconceptions regarding print technologies as well as highlights other important factors to be considered for your program—such as card designs, card stock and laminates or secure overlays—to ensure you are making the best decision for your investment.

High Security ID Documents – Using the QSDC Framework

Determining the right mix of secure technologies to minimize risk can be challenging however, using the QSDC™ framework provides guidance for evaluating key trade-offs in designing a secure identification program. Entrust Datacard provides you with a framework articulates a step-by-step process for determining the right mix of quality, security, durability and cost (QSDC). 

Instant Issuance of Payment Cards through Digital Branches

Today’s consumers want their financial institution to offer services that align with their lifestyle, including engaging communications, instant service or response, multiple options and convenience. This forces organizations to constantly re-evaluate and re-vamp their existing standard operational procedures. Digital breeches are on the rise. According to Entrust Datacard, recent research reports from Euromonitor International, annual debit card payments have continued to increase by double-digits in India which will continue to be a debit card market with 90%+ card circulation within the overall card portfolio.

MediaCorp Features Datacard Passport Technology

MediaCorp—Singapore’s leading media company—featured Datacard® passport solutions on network television on Sept. 23, 2014. The interview was conducted with the CEO of Secur Solutions Group—an Enterprise Solutions Provider for Datacard Group—during the 2014 GovernmentWare (GovWare) Conference. The segment showcases the Datacard® PersoCurveTM security feature with a laser-engraved security element that is very difficult to replicate. To view the full segment, click here and then click on the "videos" tab.  

Achieving Identity Based Security in the Real World – Improved User Experience with Better Authentication

With the mass adoption and implementation of EMV cards, fraud is now moving from card-present transactions to online channels of card-not-present (CNP) fraud. Today, CNP fraud is the fastest growing type of fraud worldwide and occurs during online and mobile transactions

ID Cards to the Rescue

Entrust Datacard case study on the Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA), the largest independent lifeboat service in the U.K., providing inshore rescue boat and land search assistance to Severn Estuary.

Protecting Data in Transit Versus at Rest

Securing data in transit is essentially securing data as it passes over a network. The challenge here is that the IP suite is full of protocols – HTTP, FTP and Telnet, to name a few of the most commonly used ones – that transmit data in plaintext, which means that there is the possibility of someone monitoring or intercepting messages and being able to read their contents. 

3 ways to enhance hotel cybersecurity

Cybersecurity should not be treated as an afterthought. Learn three ways hotels can make it more top of mind from Entrust Datacard. 

Why Government Agencies Need To Adopt eIDs

Increasingly, government applications and services are moving to cyberspace, which provides citizens with more convenient means of accessing these resources. However, the growing use of cyber apps and service-based solutions among governments is prompting a question of security. In a threat-heavy age, how can governments ensure that citizens are protected as they access privileged services? This is a question that's facing national governments around the world.
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