Entrust Datacard provides information on TLS 1.3 and phone domain name validation methods:

CA / Browser Forum improves domain name and IP address validation by updating requirements and removing the test certificate validation method:

Bulletproof TLS Newsletter #50 discusses DarkMatter from the United Arab Emirates operates a certificate authority

Other News and Notes:

EFF says, "Don't use ETS, don't implement it, and don't standardize it." See ETS Isn't TLS and You Shouldn't Use It.

Bruce Morton

Bruce Morton

Bruce Morton is a pioneering figure in the PKI and digital certificate industry. He currently serves as Director for Certificate Services at Entrust Datacard, where he has been employed since 1999. His day-to-day responsibilities include managing standards implementations, overseeing Entrust Datacard’s policy authority, and monitoring Entrust Certificate Service for industry compliance.