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Ready! Set! Jump! Trust Networks in Digital Business and Skydiving

I checked skydiving off my bucket list in 1998 with a tandem dive at an airfield in western Massachusetts. In the course of one day, I went through training, met my instructor (who had done thousands of dives) watched my instructor carefully pack up the primary and backup chutes, hopped on a plane, ascended to about 13,000 feet, stood at the open door, tried not to panic … and jumped. I like to tell this story to highlight how trust enabled me to take a potentially risky action in a short period of time. In security, we often talk about the importance of people, process and technology.  In skydiving, I had all three: an experienced instructor; training on how to dive, pull the chute and land safely; and the assurance of both a primary and backup chute. If you’re jumping into digital business initiatives, that same trust network (trust in your people, processes and technologies) can help your business (and your security team) more quickly execute on business initiatives that may, at first, look terrifying. For more on the ubiquity of trust in the digital business economy (and to hear me question some of the trust assumptions I made during my skydiving adventure), check out my conversation with IDG about Trusted Identity. How are you building trust across your infrastructure (people, process and technology) to accelerate your digital business initiatives? Click here for the webinar:

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